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the internet & work

By itcanada ·
Our company (engineering) has decided to discontinue the access for all employees to the internet. we are going to set up standalone computers for internet access only. I am curious as to wether other companies are doing this? This is supposed to be a security issue, I am in disagreement with this. I know this will create problems for those that use the internet for reasearch, spec's, etc. But I am not in the management circle of our company. Looking for comments. Thanks

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Business Assets

by Oldefar In reply to the internet & work

While there are a number of excellent advantages to conducting business via the Internet, for the bulk of employees there is no justification for using the Internet.

By moving the access to stand alone workstations several things will occur. First, those workers who have allowed Internet access interfere with work will show a marked increase in productivity. Second, those workers who really utilize Internet resources in their jobs will see decrease in productivity or become "resident" on these stand alone machines. Expect to see those types quietly having their access restored over time.

The same applies with email. Some companies are recognizing how email has lost its productivity advantage and in fact has become counter productive.

Keep in mind that the computer resources at any company are as much company assets as pool cars, office space, and break areas. They are there to support business.

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internet & work

by itcanada In reply to Business Assets

Thanks oldefar & the chas.
yes the ones who really use the internet for work will have it reinstated. I knew this would occur.
And yes productivity should climb. but we are a small company and only 2 maybe 3 may have abused it in the past. Thanks
E-mail is next. do we all really need it? not everyone.

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by TheChas In reply to the internet & work

While the stated reason for the change is security, I suspect that management feels that there is too much time spent on non-business related web surfing.

Web sites typically account for less than 5 percent of security breaches on networked PCs.

Unless your PCs are going to be disconnected from external e-mail, the security of the network will not be much better.

The kiosk for internet access makes it harder for employees to spend work time on-line, and makes it MUCH easier to catch someone who is not following company internet usage guidelines.


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On any networked system

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to the internet & work

The internet connection is the weakest link and the onlu place for outside people to gain access to the system. Just why do you think that network administrators refer to the area between the ISP connection and the secure side as the DMZ?

Actually with all the holes being found in windows it sounds like a really good idea particuarly if your company is involved in any specalised work that could be stolen and used against them or used in competition to them from a place that can supply cheaper labour.

In this case I would set up two networks that where totally isolated from each other one for Internet research/e-mail and the other for company business and they would not be cross connected and there wouldn't be a wireless connection in the place at all either. With the number of thiefts now being greater from outside than was previously the case it sounds like an excelent idea particuarly if the internet access is limited as well and any attachmants are deleted at the front door. I know it sounds a bit extreme but I once serriously said that the only way I could garantiee a fully secure computer was to supply one without any power lead or any means of fitting a power lead that is the only way to make sure that nothing is stolen of it. But back in the real world most Data was stolen by staff previously but as staff vetting has improved and access been limited to only those that need certian areas of the system the position has now arisen where outside forces are a bigger threat than the staff so if you are working in a secure area it is onlu connon sence to remove this potential problem from the equasion to make it more secure.

Will it work well it will have to but I honestly believe that far too many people rely on e-mail today for our own good. Just have a look at most middlle menegment positions they will be recieving in excess of two hundred e-mails a day and with the time spent going through these and answering as required most of their day is gone and no one can convince me that this level of e-mail is necessary. What was once a means of fast communication for emergency has become every day normal and no longer has the ability to serve its intended purpose.

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