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The job hunt !!

By dkeefe ·
I am currently laid off with no chance of recall and am currently looking for a position. I hit the job sites every AM but have not gotten any calls back. How should I proceed with trying to get my resume in front of the hiring manager, to increase my chance of an interview, without getting myself excluded?

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Work your contacts

by oldbag In reply to The job hunt !!

Before you resort to the job sites, start going through your own contacts. Friends, relatives, former collegues, former clients and any others you can think of could know of a job out there. These are very valuable resources and could get you past the resume scanning software to an actual person in authourity. These contacts are more likely to make sure that your resume actually to give you a name of the department head to actually address your resume and cover letter to.

Another tactic is to find a company that you are interested in and then call and attempt to get the name of a department head and SNAIL MAIL your resume to that contact (nice but not too expensive paper, well worded cover letter). This will get you past HR and have your resume actually landing somewhere.

The last time I was looking, electronic resumes were just one of thousands but an actually mailing a resume to a contact got notices. When I did land a job, my new employer told me that he noticed my hard-copy resume, the personalized cover letter and the nicely printed envelope. Apparantly this told him more about my communication skills than any email would have.

Good luck on your job search.

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by Jaqui In reply to The job hunt !!

to india, where your old job just got outsourced to?

actually, use the phone book and public library, find the companies that are in your area that could make use of your skills.
check the publicly available data ( library ) on the company, find out who in the company would be your boss ( the department head )
pick the one that looks like a decent fit, not perfect not the worst.
call and ask to speak to him by name, book an informational interview with him.
get there and ask serious questions about the company, the specifics of what they are looking for in people doing the job........

ask him to review your resume to suggest any areas it could use improvement.
if you impressed him enough with the interest and the fit is right, he'll be offing job after scanning resume.
if no offer ask him if he knows any company that is looking for someone with your skills, get the names of who to call.
verify that it's ok for you to say he suggested you call them.

job boards and ads are only 4% of available jobs.
you have to hit the guy who runs the department.
he's the one that will be doing the hiring, even if there is an hr department.
he'll say this person is needed by my department and you get the hire.

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Many approaches

by JamesRL In reply to The job hunt !!

I was on the job hunt for 18 months, up until about 18 months ago.

You can't afford to miss any opportunity to achieve that goal.

Networking - let everyone you know understand not only that you are looking, but what you are looking for. Ask your friends if they have any contacts in any interesting companies. You would be amazed at how many people your friends might know. This is a time to restablish relationships, take friends to lunch etc.

You can't ignore online listings. Despite what some people here claim, of the 8 interviews I had before I finally got a job, 7 were either jobs I applied to online, or from people who read my resume posted on Monster or another online service. One was me applying to an ad I saw in the newspaper.

You should try marketing letters as well. Think about your ideal job in your head. Determine what kind of companies might have that job, the ones you might love to work for. Spend some time reseacrhing the company, try and find the names of the managers of the departments which might have those jobs, and send them a letter and a resume. Follow up with a phone call. Ask for an informational interview - thats one where there isn't a posted job, but where the two parties meet because there might be a long term fit.

You should also try contracting - it helps you make lots of good contacts and keeps you current.


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Internal web sites

by Prefbid II In reply to Many approaches

I would also look for postings "off the boards" on company internal web sites and apply directly through the company web site. Yes, in theory it is supposed to work like the big sites, but from the inside it looks like you were interested in the company first and then looked to see if you were a match. If you come from Monster et al, you look like one of many nameless faces.

Another trick is to look for large companies that have IT located in small towns. "Lowes" is that way. They always have a large number of positions open and it is hard for them to recruit people to live/work 40 miles from Winston-Salem, NC (It's actually quite a pretty place).

My company also has openings -- not as many as Lowes, but we are hiring. Drop me a line and I'll help "push" you through (I'm also one of the hiring types here).

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Well if you are messing about with

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The job hunt !!

jobsites and recruiters. Look at the ads. See what they asking for particularly combinations of skills. Make sure those combinations are in your cv.
get rid of anything that limits your availablity, salary ranges and geographc regions, industries you don't like all that sort of thing.
Pimps are cheap *** ramshackle mickey mouse operations, make your self acceptable to as wide a range of opportunities as is sensible, then you do the job of taking yourself out of the picture, you'll always have a better idea of whether you are suitable or not than they.

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It's who you know not what you know

by brj1980 In reply to The job hunt !!

Unfortunately the best guy or gal never gets hired. Most of the jobs you see posted will be filled by someone a hiring manager knows "with or without" the required skills. (i.e. friend, relative, friends relative, etc...) But if you dont know anyone it's a different story. Truth is when I was looking for work, I had to apply at about 70 places and only heard back from about 10 people and went on 3 interviews and got hired. It took about 3 months of job searching every day but I finally found a job that was a good fit and pays pretty well too.

So you just have to be patient. IF you have experience "like i assume you do" you will find a job eventually.

Good luck.

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Don't limit your options for your career

by melissa.luker In reply to The job hunt !!

I am not sure of your technical expertise but there are many contract positions out there that will pay more than a salary would equate to. Try a recruiter or post your resume at where a lot of recruiter's search for contract candidates. These can also turn into full time hires.

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