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The Life of a Gamer turned Programmer

By alexander.david.r ·
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Windows Vista Torture

by alexander.david.r In reply to The Life of a Gamer turne ...

Windows Vista. Glad to have the beta to try this thing out. Should be interesting if i ever get it running. Tried an installation already on my computer and it failed on the next restart. I was a bit mad, but even worse was that I tried to boot up into Windows XP and it would only go to Vista. Great time for this to happen. Ive got a plan that may allow me to try this vista out, just gotta hope that it will work. Being a Beta version though I figured there would be errors, I havent run into a single beta that runs perfectly yet. What i plan to do is with my 3 hard drives, all of them 300gb and they have plenty of open space on them, I plan to use one of the hard drives for the vista installation. I will remove the board connections for the other 2 hard drives (the one with my xp os on it and other essential files) and hope that if i were to reconnect them that the motherboard will recognize 2 different os'. If anyone has tried this before I would be appreciative if they could help me out. Or if they have done a Vista beta installation succesfully on a system with multiple disks I would like to know how they went about it and any tips they have. I just hope that this idea will work well enough that I can at least TRY out this OS. 

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Windows Vista Torture

by mypl8s4u2 In reply to Windows Vista Torture

I?m not sure if it?s an M$ flaw (how could that be, don?t
they make perfect software?), or if it?s hardware. I too have the same problem
and have tried duel booting without success. In order for me to correct the
issue, I?ve had to reinstall. No biggie, that?s what ?beta? stands for. Anyway,
my suggestion would be to totally load <st1:place w:st="on">Vista</st1:place>
on one HD exclusively and try it out. Also, make sure your hardware is on the
list. I?ve come across minor instances were a certain modem card can?t be
identified by <st1:place w:st="on">Vista</st1:place>, but is identified by XP,
and that?s enough to crash it.

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