the little red disk

iv got an slightly aged computer, which has become riddled with minor viruses, i want to put my pc back to its factory settings and start like the first day i turned it on so this time i can install all the required protection software. my question is that i have done this before with this computer, using a little red recovery floppy disk.
im no wizz with computers and all i know is tht i used to put this floppy in and start it up and a while later the pc would start up again just like id taken it out the box.
but this disk seems to have gone walkabouts. so does anybody know where i might be able to get one of these recovery disks or create one.
i do feel it would be a waste if i had to discard this pc so any reply would be appreciated...

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What exactly is the OS you are using?

by seanferd In reply to the little red disk

We'll need to know that in order to point you to any possible recovery disk available. We'll also need to know the make and model of the computer. If it is an OEM install (OS came pre-installed on the computer), a generic recovery disk may leave you stranded without proper drivers.

Since the disk is a floppy, it is only initiating an installation. A copy of the OS setup files must be in a directory or partition on your hard drive, so you may be able to start a recovery from the start menu or by other means.

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Are/were you running RedHat by any chance?.

Because this came on a red floppy disk.
Just a guess.
Red Hat Linux
Installation Boot Floppy Image Files here:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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