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The media cast their vote, will you?

By Oz_Media ·
One thing I've noticed that really stands out in this election is media pressure to vote Obama.

Last night they ran the Saturday Night Live special, priceless, which included new and old election skits "Saturday Night Live Election Bash". They satired CNN and how incredibly biased they are, had a short piece with the Sarah palin (WIERD CHICK!!!) and did some great skits of the debates. One where Biden and Obama (debate 2) don't get in a full answer as they explain how they are going to answer the question (instead of answering it) and time runs out each time just as they are about to answer. Biden then walks around in front of Obama while he is answering his question (just like he did in the real debate) and then stands in front of the teleprompter, very well done.

But anyway, CNN has already elected Obama for president, most left wing greenie Canadians have him summed up as president (leavign me in the middle of some very room clearing conversations over the weekend), fearing McCain will be just like Bush (as instructed by the media). I find MOST of the people I spoke to (mainly people in the medical and legal fields) were all over Obama but without reason, they simply want Obama because everyone else thinks he's won.

Not exactly what the news or media should be doing but only to be expected from the propaganda machines we fund.

One thing though, WILL it backfire?

It seems they really focused on the young vote, knowing that younger people vote from emotion and Obama plays on emotions, but so has Palin BIG TIME, she is going for the people's hearts, a completely different angle for the Republicans this time; she's like a democrat pushign for the republican side.

But if people are assume Obama is going to have a landslide victory, doesn't that just make less motivated and complacent voters decide to stay home and watch Obama win without their vote?

Will overconfidence kill the election? "he's going to win, I won't bother voting myself."

I have flip flopped myself on this one, as many of you know. While I like Obama, I have faith in McCain. I am not looking for the most charismatic bleeding heart to run our ally's nation, I am looking for someone with experience, drive and credibility on a world stage and someone who also sorts out teh US economy (thus effecting ours also). So I am really pushed to McCain in many respects, I don't like all his views but those I do like I feel he is more sincere and qualified on than Obama.

Back to Saturday Night Live, they really showed how biased CNN is on this one, with his fans (Obamists)having Barakattacks because they miss him so.

All this twisted media, does it actually push favoritism to their candidate or will people be too assured and decide they don't need to vote?

Will it be a positive or will it bite them in the arse?

Sarah Palin on SNL: (you can skip past the dude blabbing away in the beginning)

Palin & Biden skit: (Queen Latifah is great in this one):http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/vp-debate-open-palin-biden/727421/

Obama McCain montage: http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/obamamccain-montage/807161/

There are many more, good for a laugh and PLEASE don't go and vote based on the media!


Here's to a better 8 years than the last, good luck America!

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That mean ole Palin

by JamesRL In reply to The media cast their vote ...

Making painfully pregnant Amy Poehler rap for her....

That was very funny. If Palin could have pulled it off herself, even better.

The Chris Matthews stuff was right on as well.


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I actually googled "edia" to see what kind of whacky group that could be...

by Forum Surfer In reply to The media cast their vote ...

But I agree with you. The edia has shown alot of positive bias toward Obama and negative bias towards McCain. If you watch cnn you'll learn that McCain is a bush clone and obama will change the world if elected. I don't like either candidate's economic plans.

If McCain were to be elected, there will be eve more conspiracy theories than in 2000. Especially given the fact the media are portraying him as a heavy favorite. I don't think this election will be won by more than a 10-15% margin, by either candidate.

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Say what?

by NickNielsen In reply to I actually googled "edia" ...

If McCain were to be elected, there will be eve more conspiracy theories than in 2000. Especially given the fact the media are portraying him as a heavy favorite.

Do you really mean that? Or do you mean "If McCain were to be elected, there will be eve more conspiracy theories than in 2000. Especially given the fact the media are portraying Obama as a heavy favorite."?

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Exactly what I expect from you Oz

by Tig2 In reply to The media cast their vote ...

A thoughtful and well drawn out presentation of your
points. Bravo!

I've been all over getting people out to vote. I really
believe that this year more than any other that I have ever
voted in it is critical to hear from as many voices as
possible. We have a lot riding on this election and people
need to feel that they are being represented.

I too caught the SNL special. VERY funny stuff.

I don't feel that the media has done well in this whole
thing. I want the information. I will form my own
opinions. Fortunately, the media doesn't get much
opportunity to sway me. I get information from a variety
of resources and am willing to do my own leg work to fully
understand a story.

Whatever the final outcome, there will be people who
aren't going to like it. That is really too bad because I
believe that the only way to fix some of this mess is
through working together.

Excellent discussion, Oz. Thank you.

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Media favoritism

by maxwell edison In reply to The media cast their vote ...

More and more people are admitting it. It's so blatant. It's so obvious. Who could possibly deny it?

By the way, my young person (my son's first vote), is all McCain. He makes fun of Obama and Obama followers.

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