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The meek shall inherit the earth (if that's OK with everyone else...)

By frantic ·
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Sound the trumpets, this is... "My First Blog"!

by frantic In reply to The meek shall inherit th ...

That's such a lame title for a blog, but alas it's true.  I've
never written a blog, because they always seemed like one of those
things that self-centred people do.  The sort who disgorge their
spleen into their diary each night to vent their anger at a world which
doesn't appreciate their unique talents.  That's not me.  I
generally don't know how I feel about something until the next day,
when I've had time to mull it over, and by then there's no anger, just
understanding.<br />
<br />
I think it's a guy thing, this being somewhat aloof from one's
feelings.  It's not something that I conciously do (after all, the
fairer sex like men who understand themselves), it's just the way I
am.  I prefer to think of it as a throwback to primitive times
when you did want you needed to do, and left the emotions for later.<br />

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On the subject of "firsts"...

by frantic In reply to The meek shall inherit th ...

OK, OK, so I said that I don't do that spleen-venting stuff, but once
I'd posted that first blog, I was surprised, no, let's call it by its
proper name, dismayed, to see that it was posted at 4:02am.<br />
<br />
Not true. It's 11:02pm.<br />
<br />
And while we're on the subject, I'm not in 'Crows Nest NS'. I'm
in Crows Nest NSW, but that doesn't fit the template that all users
must be forced into. Techrepublic allows me to specify that I'm
in Crows Nest (part of Sydney), in the state of New South Wales in
Australia, but it won't display it!<br />
<br />
Grrrr! Don't you realise that IT exists outside the home of Maccas?<br />
<br />

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