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    The memory could not be “read” win2k


    by authemis ·

    I have been receiving this error constantly.

    The instruction at “0x00000000” referenced memory at “0x00000000”. The memory could not be “read”.
    I have try everything. Microsoft has been no help. The problem does not seem to be program specific as it happens randoomly and often, and has crashed every program i use daily at least once.
    I have tested the ram with memtest86 and microsofts version. I am up to date with 2k sp4. i have even changed the ram chips out with known good chips. Any idea would be great. It has gotten on my last nerve.

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      Have seen this too.

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to The memory could not be “read” win2k

      The problem is most likely on the motherboard and not in the RAM. A friend’s PC was also doing this. A full test of his 512MB with Memtest86 found no problems, but we replaced the stick anyway. The issue continued. Replacing the motherboard cleared the problem.

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        by fungus-among-us ·

        In reply to Have seen this too.

        I too have seen this problem. I built a P4/2.6C Northwood for my neighbor a few years ago. We ran the full suite of tests on his RAM (1GB (2×512)Dual Channel, Kingston Hyper-X PC3200 DDR). The test ran for 8 hours without error. I ended up swapping out his memory for a 1GB set of Mushkin (2 x 512) PC-3500 Level 2, revision 2 (BH-5 based) DDR ram. This was a known good set of DDR (came from my system) and it also passed memtest86 without issue. So I let him keep my memory to see if it happened again. Sure enough, without any pattern, he started getting BSODs again with the same error message. I replaced his Abit IC7 motherboard with another (good thing they were still making them – and good thing he purchased the extended warranty from newegg) and his problems went away. I gave it a week before I took my precious Mushkins back, but his Kingston memory have been working fine ever since.
        Good Luck.

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      Motherboard not the answer

      by pcs123 ·

      In reply to The memory could not be “read” win2k

      Replacing MB will not allieve the situation
      permanetly but wiping and reinstalling W2k will correct for good.

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