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The Mendacity Of the Liberal Press

By maxwell edison ·
(I love both that headline and the story.)


By the way, I was first drawn to this story by a link posted on the Drudge Report!

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That was a good article

by DanLM In reply to The Mendacity Of the Libe ...

How the press twist's people's statements to suit their own agenda.

Have you read any other article's by this lady?


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I thought mendacity was a computer game.

by stress junkie In reply to The Mendacity Of the Libe ...

You can't believe anything printed by news reporting businesses. They're all about sensationalism. Reminds me of George Orwell. If people are running around in circles getting upset about things that never happened or won't happen, such as a bird flu pandemic, then they will not notice the real problems, such as politicians starting wars for the benefit of corporations like Haliburton.

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Starting wars for the benefit of corporations like Haliburton????

by maxwell edison In reply to I thought mendacity was a ...

Sounds to me like you've bought into a certain aspect of that "media sensationalism" you just mentioned.

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It's possible.

by stress junkie In reply to Starting wars for the ben ...

I've been wrong before.

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In this case, it's most probable

by maxwell edison In reply to It's possible. :D

Do you really think that an American administration would start a war for the sole purpose of improving the profits of one company? It's so far-fetched, that it's not even worth considering.

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Starting wars for the benefit of corporations like Haliburton?

by neilb@uk In reply to Starting wars for the ben ...

Well, not completely beyond the realm of believability that it was a least a contributory factor.

Given that there was no single really good reason for the invasion of Iraq we have to look for secondary reasons.

Unseat a tyrant - yeah, like you cared while he was gassing Iranians and Kurds.

WMDs? Clear and present danger - been there, done that.

Get a US military base in the ME to provide a quick reaction capability in the event of a requirement to safeguard "your" oil - I notice that THAT one is probably not a goer now, though as you can't wait to get out.

SOMEBODY had to pay for **1.

And so on.


Given that there was an exit strategy in place before you invaded (?), I can imagine the PTB in Haliburton and other companies wetting themselves at the prospect of all that rebuilding after the precision laser-guided bombs have blown up a few hospitals. If they are in a position to talk to your government and give assurances that they can handle the rebuilding, then it surely is a contributory factor to a decision to go.

Not "for the benefit", I admit but it does make one wonder...

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I find it interesting. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Starting wars for the ben ...

...that you believe the reasons for waging a war are not what "they" would have us believe, but you refuse to accept the possibility that the notion of "man-caused global warming" is being advanced for reasons other than those that "they" would have us believe. The only difference is who "they" are.

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Well, I would say that I don't accept anthing that "they" tell me

by neilb@uk In reply to I find it interesting. . ...

and I always think for myself but it would obviously not be true. What I try todo - in each case - is assess who "they" are and then judge the information based on previous level of lies.

Strangely, in the Global warming debate, I find myself shifting towards some of your position because the loudest shouting "they" both for Iraq and GW is my current government (in both issues) for which I maybe mistakenly gave my vote the last few times around.

I really do belive that this particular "they" were truly stupid in getting mixed up in Iraq or - maybe - had/have some deeper motive that I don't know about and should know about.

GW, I find my position hasn't really changed but "their" - the British government - stance has flown past me into the most amazing and possibly dangerous regions and phrases such as "Climate Catastrophe", "heroic measures" and "past the tipping pointe" are now the norm and I fear that this will drive them to doing something with carbon emissions as stupid as Iraq.

The UK - or world - economy goes pear-shaped and lots of people suffer and some die.

Neil :)

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It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

by deepsand In reply to The Mendacity Of the Libe ...

Shades of Star Trek - The Original Series, Episode 70: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (1966), in which 2 enemies, one black on the right side and white on left, the other identical but for the reversal of colors, try to convince Captain Kirk that the other is evil, owing to which side is which color.

Bias as rebuttal to bias is still bias.

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Pulitzer? Over here

by drowningnotwaving In reply to The Mendacity Of the Libe ...

Unfortunately, we live in a society where untruthfulness is routinely accepted and even mandated by politicians, union leaders, and members of the press. New York is the headquarters of the biggest producer of mendacity, the New York Times. Fortunately, it's also the home of the antidote, Lucianne.com.

I pity the Americans who do not have the computer expertise to access the expos?s of lies of corrupt politicians and gullible television anchors, biased newspaper headlines, and anything from the Associated Press. If it were not for the Internet and Lucianne Goldberg's Web news forum, I would never learn the truth behind the Times headlines as pitched by the Drudge Report

That's never happenned before ....

Hold the press ...

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