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The mi2g report claiming OS-X as world best

By davmax ·
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A first read looks very good for Apple. One has to remember it is being used by Apple to sell more product.

Back to mi2g. Having read reactions the obvious were that system attacks are not about Microsoft, Linux or Apple. It is about the size of target and impact.

What I found most interesting followed a close look at the figures. There is no evidence that mi2g normalised the percentage figures. When normalised the figures look very differnt indeed. Lets just focus on the Apple figures because a major claim has been made for Apple.
Of all breaches there were 4.82% for Apple and BSD. Now if it were Apple alone and they have a 5% market share this would mean that most systems (4.82/5)*100 =(96%) were hit. A very different picture indeed. This is not real either because I do not know the Apple market share related to the total or to BSD. Surely mi2g would do well to normalise/weight figures in terms of actual systems and do everybody a favour.
Misleading Apple customers does not help the either.

The boast of the most secure system appears not to stand up under normalisation. Additionally there is no mention of serious flaw found in OS-X this year. Naturally I was reading an Apple Newsweek.

It is extremely difficult to make true comparisons. Historically Apple has made system for users that require simplicity of use and no computer knowledge ( every artist I know has an Apple). This has been made easier with a closed hardware and software system. Contrast this with Windows systems where Microsoft has had to achieve miracles to ensure that a vast array of software and hardware function simply, effectively and smoothly.All with millions of people fiddling with the vast array of combinations.

mi2g please ensure realistic figures. You may not have any financial link to Apple but the report figures presentation would leave anyone to believe that there is bias.

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