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    The “Mother/Father” internet interation age of the Internet.


    by briant11 ·


    Hi Techrepublic Members,

    As you would have notice, my mother and father have used the internet quite a lot lately and it’s all because they want to watch Chinese TV Series and Films through a high speed internet stream. I know it wastes a lot of bytes and it cost a lot of money but they are paying for it and since they can’t understand English, it’s a good way of keeping them entertained and busy so I can get on with my own life. This could be a new social thing, children of ethnic minorities can let their parents use the internet for this purpose but it is a sacrifice in some ways because me, the person who introduced them to the net risks getting negative comments and opinions from those who use the internet and share it with me and my parents, now that my parents seem to be more savvy with new technology then I am. So watch out W.W.W, the parent league is invading cyberspace!

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