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The mouse, love it or hate it?

By DanLM ·
Chuckle, I just read the newsletter on the alt/tab power tool. My question to that article. How many people actualy know what the alt/tab function is?
Me, I hate the mouse. I consider it the next worst invention next to ties. So, I know alot of the hot key combinations. But, alas. I know, most people can't function without their mouse.
What's funny is, when they see me at a keyboard using hot keys. They are usualy going, how the **** did you do that. I can usualy get any fucntion done quicker also cause I know the hot keys and pretty quick on the keyboard.
So, my question. I've had tech people look at me and wonder how I did things when I use hot keys. With alt/tab being one of the functions they didn't know.
How many people here on TechRepublic know the hot keys? And how many are mouse lovers. The ones that know the hot keys, share your wisdom please. Lol, lets teach the mouse lovers all the things they are missing. Or, when their precious mouse dies. How they can still function without the mouse.
My list of favorit hot key combinations:
alt/tab - switch between applications
alt/cntrl - switch between tabs in an application
windows key/E - Bring up windows explorer
windows key/F - Bring up the find file dialog
cntrl/c - Even mouse lovers know this one - copy
cntrl/v - Even mouse lovers know this one - paiste
cntrl/z - Some mouse lovers know this one - undo
windows key - bring up the dialog for the programs, settings, documents and crap like that.
alt/letter - windows application is open, it will do the function of what ever letter in tool bar is underlined.
right hand windows key - Im not sure what this key is called, its on the bottom right of your keyboard. Second from the end. But, its the same as right click on a mouse.
enter - no chit, if the application or function is highlighted. Same thing as the left click.
tab key - this works in windows explorer for moving around in conjunction with the arrow keys. Just look for what is highlighted to see where your at.

There is life out there without the mouse, honest.


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Mouse is better because...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to The mouse, love it or hat ...

it has virtually no learning curve. It is also OS-independent. Oh, and I almost forgot the most important one -- it is easier to use.

Sure, there are some shortcuts that are useful; however, there is no way I am going to ditch my mouse.

My favorite keyboard shortcut (other than the ol' cut and paste) is for the web browser. Type in the name of the website you want to visit (such as "techrepublic") and then hit "Ctrl + Enter" to add the "http://www." and ".com" automatically.

Other than that, I'll keep my mouse.

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bah, talk about misbegotten shortcuts..

by Jaqui In reply to Mouse is better because.. ...

type techrepublic into the address bar [ if you don't have TR bookmarked ] and hit ENTER. any real browser will add the http:// and .com automatically.

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You read my mind

by j.lupo In reply to bah, talk about misbegott ...

I have used 3 browsers with no problem finding my techrepublic. I don't bother bookmarking it anymore because my computers KNOW how to find it. ;-)

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by sMoRTy71 In reply to You read my mind

Yeah, but that is slower (at least in my experience) because the browser has to figure out what you want.

By hitting "Ctrl + Enter," it responds instantly.

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Don't know about that

by j.lupo In reply to Slower

Maybe I just don't see the difference. Mine seems just as fast.

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So the IE 7 beta is not a real browser then

by WilfEijg In reply to bah, talk about misbegott ...

The subject line says it all... One more thing to improve on.

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yes, and . . .

by cisarano In reply to Mouse is better because.. ...

"Ctrl+enter" is a great one--Add to that "shift+ctrl+enter" for .org addresses.

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Both - really

by j.lupo In reply to The mouse, love it or hat ...

When I am on my Unix system, last think I want to use for development is a mouse. I am not talking about Linux or any of the X-Windows stuff, but pure development in Unix. I set up my own shortcuts and everything is great.

However, when I work in a Windows environment, like MS Office, Outlook, etc then I use my mouse. Shortcuts are ok, but just not as effective in a Window environment.

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I think the keyboard is faster

by DanLM In reply to Both - really

It's probably because I do know the hot keys better, but I would be willing to go head to head with anyone that use's the mouse. Normal mouse document, excel document, shoot.... a common application that we both know.
I just feel if your hands never leave the keyboard to get stuff done, that you are going to be more productive.
By the way, I never knew that shortcut for the browser. Thats a new one that I can definatly seeing me use. Thanks.

What your post's are telling me is that Im a dinasour. Lol, thats ok. I started out in cobol, and have many years in it. Lol, so that gives you an idea of how old of a dinasour I really am.


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naw, not a dinosaur..

by Jaqui In reply to I think the keyboard is f ...

all to many of us here love our keyboard hotkeys.
[ all except for them mac people, they don't know what using a mouse is, because apple screwed them out of a real mouse. ]

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