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The MS Malicious Software Removal Tool Found Something!

By LarryD4 ·
Greets all,
Check this out.

Last night I'm on WoW, crusin' the net, and I hit a few sites that might be less then savory, due to a bad link or the sight is no longer their.

Now I have hit these sites before and I am sure most have at some point. You hit them when you do a search and the reference looks creditable but it ends up being just another bogus search "lure".

Well at the end of the night I open a page and I get a popup, which I never get. I closed it and guess, some how the pop blocker missed it and I went to bed.

Just got home and I turn on the PC and I have about 7 updates for WinXP 64. They are all security patches and one is even a patch for the MS Malicious Software Removal Tool.

So I reboot and low and behold, for the first time in my computer career, on any machine. The MS Malicious Software Removal Tool found a Trojan! It was the Trojan:Win32/Vundo.gen!R.

I was floored.
First, its the first virus or trojan I have had on a personl PC.
Second, the Microsoft Tool???????

As I sit their and stare at my Norton Security Center monster TSR, thats happy as a clam with no issues found.

Anyway, I also noticed how closely in time it was to when I got the trojan and how suddenly the next day these updates fix it..

Has anyone ever had the MS Malicious Software Removal Tool actually find something?

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