the network path was not found

By chjmail ·
this is my problem:

Domain Controller: Windows 2000 sp4 server
Client Server: Windows 2003 SP2

I am trying to join the windows 2003 server to the Domain and I get this message every time I authenticate, "the network path was not found."

I already checked a few things already to make sure these were not the problem:
1. NetBois over TCP/IP is enabled and the service is started in the services console.
2. The 2000 server is sharing printers and files over the network.
3. I can ping the Domain Controller and other computers over the network and even the DNS server but just can't join the domain.

I have not way of logging into the DNS server thats not under my control so what could my problem be?

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Try this

by bart777 In reply to the network path was not ...

Set the DNS on the 2003 server to only look at the 2000DC. Remove any other DNS servers from the member servers list.

Then try to join the domain again. IF that doesn't work you're going to have to take a look at the DC to see if you are having any AD problems there.

Best of luck

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by chjmail In reply to Try this

I hope I did what you asked correctly. I took the original DNS address out of the Generals table and put the IP address of the DC into the Preferred DNS server position. Yet still could not join the Domain.

Man I am coming in on some one elses work, what type of AD problems could it be? :.(

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Depending on AD setup

by IC-IT In reply to reply

You may need to add the new name to AD first.
This is also assuming that you have the rights to add a computer to AD.

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I tried this stuff too

by chjmail In reply to Depending on AD setup

1. I created a the server in the 2003 server folder under the domain in AD, but did not work.
2. I created a Organizational Unit and added the 2003 server to it, but still did not work.
3. I checked AD to make sure I had all the right privilages and do.

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by bart777 In reply to reply

From the member server try do an "Ipconfig /all" .

Verify that the ONLY DNS server listed on the server is the DC that you're trying to attach to.

If it is then you will either need to add teh machine manaully to AD or your AD is having problems.
Is this the only AD server in the network?
Are there any errors in the event log regarding DNS or AD that are talking about bad replications?

If the AD server is not yours then just do a little detective work to help the admin and then get them involved to help you.

Of course it could be even simpler than we think. Verify that you have the ability to add machines to the domian. If your user account does not have that level of security we're barkin up the wrong tree and will need to get someone who can.

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by CG IT In reply to Hmmm

if it was a permissions problem, then the error message wouldn't be network path not found. It would be an insufficent rights error message.

network path not found typically means that the request from the server being joined isn't finding the DC as bart has mentioned.

There was another question posted recent with a similar problem and the fix was to turn off the built in Windows firewall.

If the built in Windows Firewall is turned on, check the exceptions to make sure DNS traffic is allowed or you can turn it off to join then configure what you need and turn it on.

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What he said!!

by bart777 In reply to well....

Completely forgot about the firewall. Good catch

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I am so tired Guys

by chjmail In reply to What he said!!

Hey guys please sheck back on monday I am going to quit for today. I will try some of these things out on Monday if i dont **** the install totally away. :)

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Just a thought

by demosthanese In reply to I am so tired Guys

I know you prob did this when you were setting up the new 03 machine, but when you ran the first couple setup wizards, particularly CEICW, what settings did you use? I dont remember the specifics off the top of my head but you may well have just clicked the wrong bullet.

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