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The New Economy 4G3W

By filipeferreira27 ·
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The New Economy 4G3W

by filipeferreira27 In reply to The New Economy 4G3W

<p><img alt="" src="" />Towards lack in the old Economy 3G.  Over money action the "Datavalorizar", to datevalue, is 1 new gesture to obtain new utility. </p>With this new gesture over the money, allows and you keep simultaneously:
<p>- to return the same money in "datavalor", as if it was "saving" always available;  </p>- to receive automatic valuation (webmatic plusvalues), as if money was in a "guaranteed investment"; - to multiply randomly,like in a game without risk "spend or consume" to live saving.
<p>This is better than in 3G where you have to decide between the 3 classics gestures "choice to spend - or choice to save - or choice to invest". And the same money must be only in one of this fields, looking only for one  utility type.</p>
<p>In 4G3W, yours "DATAVALOR", contains the same money saved + plusvalues + multiplying factors.But 100% cash.</p>

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