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The New Internet Techscape

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The New Landscape

by cutitupwiz In reply to The New Internet Techscap ...

<p>     The most encouraging element appearing on the Web today is the recognition of Internet, Software Giants and technology companies of the value the consumer holds. It is finally becoming advantageous to the cognacenti to provide facility to the individual computer user. There appears to be increasing emphasis upon the inevitability of individual user utility. The provision of large corporations, such as Sun Microsystems of Internet users with their Grid computer access is a good example. Interest by even Microsoft of services such as Windows Live mean that even they realize that the individual user is what it really is all about.</p>
<p>     These revelations are cause for rejoicing for those who had envisioned a day when the Internet might begin to live up to the potential that it had promised from the first. We see the cost of entry into the computer field continue to decrease as mass manufacturing processes make creation of computer systems less expensive. Many individuals are opting to assemble their own computers from components. With this kind of determination it is very likely that we shall see a very rich and compelling landscape begin to develope. The Linux operating system is another tool that helps to make individuals a bit more autonomous, these days.</p>
<p>     We are left with a few considerations that should be taken into account as we seek to take advantage of this more encouraging atmosphere in the computer realm. Foremost is the necessity to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect amongst the users of these new facilities. The threats from ill intended individuals who use viruses, spyware and other malicious software is probably the worst sour point in these considerations. I am very encouraged to see well intentioned programmers who are willing to provide low-cost or no cost solutions to some of threats. I am sure that as the environments continue to mature these threats shall be competently addressed. </p>
<p>     The next greatest cause for concern, I feel, revolves around the possiblility of ulterior motives by the Larger players in the field. The bottom line has always been the major concern of Large corporations and we can expect that profit for profits sake shall continue to drive many of them for some time to come. However, we may be able to rely on technology to one day make this a moot point. Many researchers are developing technologies that may one day make it possible to obtain all the necessities of life without the need for commerce of any type. I will be addressing some of these possibilities in future blogs. I hope that others will be able to provide further insights as well. Thank you all for your patience and kindness.</p>

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