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The New Job Search

By scottyc2005 ·
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My I.T Experience

by scottyc2005 In reply to The New Job Search

Here is a brief profile of my I.T career. Despite this experince, it is still hard to get a job. Things must be pretty competitive in the Denver area.<br /><br /> I have over 8 years in the Underground Utility Locating industry I.T Field that includes Administration of networks using Windows 2000 Active Directory and Linux systems. I have participated in migrations from Novell and Windows NT to Windows 2000. I was involved in creation of corporate Wide Area Network and Virtual Private Network using Cisco devices to connect offices and centralize I.T Services. I have worked with server providers in changing of service and resolution of problems. I created web based system to centralize storage of documentation for claims investigations which helped employer save money on claims we had to pay on. I also centralized assets of all Colorado offices by creating central database for all field and office assets that was previously done by each office on their own. I also supported database applications by working with end users, running custom reports for managers and working with application developers on testing new versions of software before release and working on bug fixes.

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by scottyc2005 In reply to The New Job Search

In a attempt at trying something different in the job search, I am trying to use what connections I have to get my resume in front of people that can get it to the right people.  Right now, I got someone who got me a name to send my resume to at the Intel offices here in the Denver area.  He sent my profile to someone at Intel and they want to see my resume.  After months of blasting my resume to anything listed the paper, I will try anything different.  Thinking out of the box as someone would say.

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Would You Encourage your kids to get into I.T?

by scottyc2005 In reply to The New Job Search

Even before my unemployment, I would wonder if an I.T career would be something you would encourage your kid to get into.  Back then I was not to sure, with outsourcing and offshoring.  Also the other things that go on in IT such as working with a business unit that does not value I.T or a place where everything wrong with a company is blamed on I.T and those other boss horror stories we hear about.   Anyone out there feel the same way?

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