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The next generation Security Tokens

By arnnei ·
It is a known fact today that the Internet Security is most vulnerable at the Login entry.
No SSL or other protocols will prevail if your Password is exposed.
The most secured and affordable methodology available today is the TFA (Two Factor Authentication) and OTP (One Time Password) generation.

These methods cost a bundle with today Token system. That is the reason only VIPs or very secured sites offer this level of security to their clients.

Change the Token system in a way that every organization can offer it to their customers, and you get a high level of security for everybody.

Mega AS Consulting Ltd ( has developed a new CAT (Cellular Authentication Token) that follows that thought. It is a new concept that enables new services such as eAuthentication. The CAT runs on a cellular, does not require SMS or any type of communication and can be installed (one time OTA) by any Service?s client. It does not cost the user anything.

With this in mind, Services can now offer the users the option to register to a secured OTP login, at their own time. The Service does not have to supply or manage the tokens. It is the users? responsibility to join the secured service to secure his login.

The eAuthentication Service takes this approach even further. Since the user can choose to join the secured Login of the Service, the company providing the service does not have to buy the Authentication package anymore, they get the users authenticated at Mega AS Consulting CAT Authentication server by implementing a simple API.

This approach is new. It will change the whole industry and it is available now.

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