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The Next Hot Things ?!?!?!

By jabney ·
I am going into each discussion topic and trying to get some sort of understanding of what I want my career choice I was reading a technical paper that comes out every month and I know people are always trying to predict the next ?BIG THING? in terms of what will be the new and hot cert. or O/S to know and I am hearing that security is it.. I just want to know if this in fact is true how I can get the information needed to possibly take my career in that direction or least know what is detailed to fit such a position

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If you're young then reconsider IT altogether

by stress junkie In reply to The Next Hot Things ?!?!? ...

It seems pretty obvious to me that the IT industry is
collapsing, at least in the United States. Much of IT
lower level stuff is now done in India. Pretty soon the
higher level stuff will also be done there via telephone.
The local IT business will consist solely of having a
computer operator on site to press the computer power
button when the system administrator in India gives
instruction to do so.

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Keep your head up ?.It could be worse

by jabney In reply to If you're young then reco ...

Wow it sounds like you got hit hard ?.were you let go because of the overseas out sourcing. There has to be places to work that are not just directed to IT like Microsoft or Dell (who both have their Tech support in India). What about hospitals and Banks ? they are there you just have to find them. Thanks for your comment

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Predicting the next big thing

by JamesRL In reply to The Next Hot Things ?!?!? ...

Is a total mugs game.

If you discover an interest in IT security, persue it. If it doesn't seem like a good fit, don't chase it.

I spent some time in the IT security world and it takes a very particular sort of personality to fit into that environment.

Figure out what you enjoy doing, cause you want to be happy doing what you do, and if you are you tend to get good at it. Then you can find opportunities, or make them.


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by admin In reply to The Next Hot Things ?!?!? ...

Consumer Voice over IP looks to me like it will expand, but then it will get to big and overstaffed and implode someday too.

Do what ya like and have an innate interest in. It's easier to ride the waves that way IMO

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