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The next Vista

By zlitocook ·
About Windows 7, I was talking with a friend at M$ and looks like the next great OS from them will be great! He said that if you are on Vista now the migration will be no problem. Because if you are on Vista: then your computer meets the basic requirements, but it may not meet the best requirements for Vista.
Because you have the latest and best hardware but you will have to be sure your system has the best video card and at least 2 to 4 gigs of memory.
If not they still offer the compatibility program to see if your computer meets the minimum requirements for Windows 7. MS has kept the old code for backward compatibility and its millions lines of old bloat code.
It looks like Windows 7 is just another Vista with a new name. I am trying to get a copy of it to install and test it out with my home network. I have two XP computers, one Win98 and two Linux computers (one Ubuntu and one SUSE). I also run two laptops with XP but those are guarded and protected from updates and off the web unless I need to access it.
I will not update to Windows 7 and if this is all MS has to offer I will stay with open source software.
To let every one know I have been MS person for years I have used every thing from 3.11 for work groups, Win95, Win98 and every thing after.
I also have used Apple, UNIX, Sun and most of the free Linux software.
I run vista on a test computer but still can not use a HP printer or my new Cisco router because there is no drivers for it yet

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The next Windows

by jck In reply to The next Vista

I have, after using Vista (and having numerous bad experiences with it), no desire whatsoever to see the new Windows.

In fact, I am looking to purchase a laptop around Christmas.

If the manufacturer and/or Microsoft won't let me back-rev to XP Pro 64 bit, I will get a barebones laptop and put my own OS on it at my own expense.

The really big things I noticed about Vista is:

- They added transparent windowing.
- They made getting around in the Admin Tools/Control Panel more of a chore
- They added a search which works slower

I just wasn't impressed, and wasn't going to pay $200 to upgrade to Vista Ultimate for practically no benefit.

Time will tell though.

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Cannot load XP x64 with Vista 64 dual boot

by elappala In reply to The next Windows

I purchased an HP laptop with a 64 bit processor (Core 2 Duo) to get the benefit of 64 bit memory access for large engineering models I run. It came installed with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Vista is such a memory hog that even increasing memory to 6GB did not give me the same speed and power as my 32 bit Xeon system with 3GB memory. Soo--- I decided to put xp x64 on the laptop in a dual boot partition. Created the partition, put the xp x64 cd in with vista running, ran setup and the install xp and check system requirement options are greyed out. Insert XP x64 in cd drive and do a cold boot and the BSD comes up. What am I missing here?
Thanks in advance

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Actually, the search

by w2ktechman In reply to The next Windows

albeit more difficult for users looking for system files, is actually a lot faster, and it checks emails, .pst files, etc.. The search is actually quite fast (I think it was based upon Lookout for Outlook). Well, fast once one has indexed it.

Looking for system files (even with the 'include system files' option checked is still an annoyance of backing all the way to the C:. Apparently MS still doesnt got a clue! Why the **** do they have the option if it wont search it anyway??? Stupid..

I have to use Vista at work, so I ave become a bit familiar with it. I still wont put that POS of an OS in my home though.
Win 7 will likely add a lot of functionality, and a cr@pload more DRM.

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I use it at work, too.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Actually, the search

And I'm with you. Ain't a goin' on my home machines. I really can't find much that I like about it. The next Vista? Why would I bother if the the first Vista is a pima?


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Admin Tools/Control Panel

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The next Windows

I agree. They made any number of what once were minor tweaks a real pima to complete. Gotta wonder about those folks.

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Yup, I have been known

by w2ktechman In reply to Admin Tools/Control Panel

to spend upwards of 20 minutes to figure some of it out. And these are things that should be 'easy'...
maybe I'm losing it :0
then again, maybe it's MS's stupidity taking over...

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