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The Not-so-Helpful IT Recruiter

By Bassplayer and Drummer ·
It happens from time to time: you're in the middle of something, anything, whether it os eating dinner at home, or compiling an email response to your manager, when your phone rings. You answer it, and you're greeted by an IT recuiter from Technical Recruiters Inc., one of the many headhunters in the area staffed by two or three people (or more).

Unless you have just started the job of your dreams, chances are you're willing to at least hear what the headhunter on the phone has to offer for possible opportunities, positions he is looking to fill.

"So please feel free to send me an up-to-date copy of your resume, and we'll go from there."

You spruce up your resume, send it in, and... that's the last you hear from that headhunter. You call to follow up, and get voicemail. You leave a message, but no callback. You send an email, but no response.

Not all headhunters do this, but those who do are purely resume collectors. These are the guys who want to make their own business more attractive to potential clients bu showcasing their "huge" database of potential candidates to fill the open position. How often do we encounter this? I also have the names of good recruiters with whom I keep touch, but those who practice "resume collecting" I **** off (assuming I remember their names when they call).

What has been the experience of others here?

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My stock answer is - send me a list of your open positions

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The Not-so-Helpful IT Rec ...

and I'll tailor an applications for those I'm interested in. Funny how many can't do that. I keep their numbers in my mobile phone database under the group - crooks, don't answer

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