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    The Office Prankster


    by tink! ·

    Unfortunately since my co-worker is now wary and [b][i]expects[/b][/i] a technical prank to be setup when she goes on vacation I have resorted to the physical prank.

    Although the last time was a good one – the prank was: I didn’t pull one! Actually, I cleaned her computer, printers and other electronic devices giving them all a much needed “tune-up” while she was away. It was funny though…she approached her computer VERY CAREFULLY!

    So this time I’m doing the well-known balloon prank. Since we don’t have cubicles or our own offices I’m going to use plastic wrap to create an enclosed area around her desks to fill.

    To be nice though, I am providing a needle 😀

    As well, I’m putting a piece of chocolate in some of the balloons.

    I’ll be sure to take pics!

    Tink 🙂

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