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The Office Prankster

By Tink! ·
Unfortunately since my co-worker is now wary and expects a technical prank to be setup when she goes on vacation I have resorted to the physical prank.

Although the last time was a good one - the prank was: I didn't pull one! Actually, I cleaned her computer, printers and other electronic devices giving them all a much needed "tune-up" while she was away. It was funny though...she approached her computer VERY CAREFULLY!

So this time I'm doing the well-known balloon prank. Since we don't have cubicles or our own offices I'm going to use plastic wrap to create an enclosed area around her desks to fill.

To be nice though, I am providing a needle

As well, I'm putting a piece of chocolate in some of the balloons.

I'll be sure to take pics!

Tink :)

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Be Original.

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to The Office Prankster

balloons, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, post-its all over, all are fun. But the best pranks are those that are unique.

Here's the most original cube prank I've ever seen:

...the chocolate in some of the balloons is a nice touch... that should make the joke go down a little easier.

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the most original thing i ever came up with

by jck In reply to Be Original.

was...a U of FL fan at a former job was all cocky about how they'd beat FL State.

FL State beat U of FL 41-24 or something.

The next monday morning at 8am...he arrived to his desk and chair and computer everything else in his office being wrapped in 500 yards of maroon and gold crepe paper.

Needless to say, he did not like it...and the fact that it took him 30 mins just to rip it all off and throw it away. lol

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by Tink! In reply to Be Original.

That is just TOO funny!

That's an awful lot of work too. I can't go that in depth.

I have to wait until she comes in Friday to pick up her check, then I'll begin my work on her surprise for Monday.

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word of the day

by jdclyde In reply to The Office Prankster


make sure you do before, during and after pics too.

I still love creating a screenshot of the desktop, and set that as the background on a new profile without any of the shortcuts....

making sure (of course) to move the task bar to the top of the screen instead of bottom...


When does she come back?

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That sounds like fun

by Tink! In reply to word of the day

Might have to try that one sometime!

A fun trick I like to use (and I happened upon it quite accidentally) is


In a flash you've changed the users screen to be upside-down or sideways. Fun fun fun!

Tink :)

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My most recent Prank

by Router boy In reply to The Office Prankster

I have pulled quite a few office pranks in my day. My boss recently took a promotion and moved to Dallas. So about a week before he headed down to Dallas we hid a wonderful little anoy-a-tron in his offie here. It emits a high pitch chirp at a random interval. We also purchased a second one and shipped it to Dallas and had them stash it in his new office.
He has been in Dallas about two weeks now and has yet to find the source of the noise. And its driving him utterly insane. and for life of him he cant figure out how the sound followed him. It has been great so far...

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Thanks for that!

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to My most recent Prank
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This site actually sells a kit for this prank

by altru21 In reply to The Office Prankster

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