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The Olympics

By OnTheRopes ·
I can't believe no one else has started an off-topic discussion about the Olympics yet, other than this being a tech website and all that.<br><br>
What do you like the most about the Olympics? <br><br>
What's your favorite competition? <br><br>
I watched the opening ceremonies and really enjoyed it. The drums were awesome. The opening ceremonies cost $300 million dollars. That's a record.<br><br>
From watching the opening I know that I'd like to see the judo competition. The heaviest athlete in Beijing weighs 399 lbs. and is a judo competitor. I forget what country he's from but I'll bet he's a tough one to put down. I'll have to look it up.<br><br>
I also like the weight-lifting competitions. Seeing people move massive amounts of weight is interesting to me.<br><br>
Then there are the track and field events. I thought it was funny this morning; NBC's Lester Holt picked up a javelin and said something like, "Oh this looks easy". I've seen inexperienced amateurs practically knock themselves out with a javelin. Competing at the Olympic level in <i>any</i> event would definitely not be 'easy'. <br><br>
So, lets get a little discussion going about the Olympics. It's going to be on my big screen until it's over and done. Can't get enough. Finally, something different than the same old same old.

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Summer Olympics...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to The Olympics

I go for gymnastics. I'm amazed at what gymnasts do with a balance beam, those rings, and the floor exercise. I love it all. Entranced would be a good word for me in front of the tube and gymnastics. Swimming and diving are at the top of my list, too.

How about the pressure on that U.S. swimmer to take 8 gold medals? I'd collapse under that. Ouch.

Winter Olympics? Love the figure skating, luge, and moguls. Skating best, though.

Thanks for asking!

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I left out soccer...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Summer Olympics...

soccer players amaze me. The things they can do with their feet, heads and that ball. I'd love to watch a game from a dirigible. The dance!

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Pole Vaulting and the distance running

by jdclyde In reply to The Olympics

are the main ones that I am interested in.

I will have to be a disappointment for the running events because of the air conditions.

I am having a hard time getting excited about them this time around, seeing as how it was used as a political tool to showcase how horrible it is in China instead of to promote competition, sportsmanship and goodwill. China should never have been allowed to host because of the conditions there, and the committee that made that decision are a total disgrace to the Olympics.

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I don't know what the criteria is for choosing a host country,

by OnTheRopes In reply to Pole Vaulting and the dis ...

I'll bet it comes down to money, how much a country is willing to commit to it.

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mostly politics

by highlander718 In reply to I don't know what the cri ...

... and money. They have to please the whole world sort of, that's why they alternate between continents (same as for the soccer world cup), make sure there are no countries left out or others getting the Olympics too often ...etc. Of course a poor country could never get it, just because they don't have the money for the infrastructure and logistics.

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Depends :)

by JamesRL In reply to The Olympics

Winter Olympics, downhill skiing. I was for 10 years a level one Federation International du Ski race judge. The private club where I worked produced 4 National Team members. So I have a bias. :)

Summer Olympics, distance running, triathalon, marathon.


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I plan to ignore it.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The Olympics

The Olympics feature sports I don't care about. I don't watch gymnastics, basketball, track and field, etc. any other time, although I'm aware they compete throughout the year like other sports do. I don't care about them during their regular annual schedules and see no reason to care about them once every fourth year.

I actively avoid any event that's judged. That doesn't fit my definition of sport. I'm definitely not saying the participants aren't athletes, but judged competitions should be reserved for art forms and county fair produce. Palmetto's Rule: if it's judged, it's not a sport. Speed skating is a sport measured by a stopwatch; figure skating is an art decided by judges.

Instead of the opening ceremony, we watched the Puppy Olympics on Animal Planet. Several hours of puppies falling over themselves in Olympic-style venues, similar to AP's Puppy Bowl counter-programming to the Super Bowl.

In the Winter Games I'll look at bobsleds, skeleton, and luge. They're as close as either games come to auto racing, my preferred sport for viewing.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to The Olympics

I just don't watch it.
I am more inclined to watch the X-games, Winter-X, and sometimes some Winter Olympics sports (mostly just the boarding).

I did just see Michael Phelps break the Olympic record while qualifying for the finals. That was actually by coincidence though.

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I watched him do that too.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Really...

He didn't even seem to be breathing hard when it was over. Pretty amazing.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to I watched him do that too ...

So I have found myself staying up until 1AM watching the Olympics. What's up with that? I have never really given a toot before!?!?! ;\

I have been trying to catch any Phelps event as he really is a friggin' machine! :)

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