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The page that loves me alone

By john.a.wills ·
I am developing a package of pages (for employee parking permit administration) in Web4, using PL/SQL procedures for the pages, which are defined in Web Tailor. I can get myself a permit issued without hang-ups - indeed quite quickly. But when my test users are logged on they get a time-out at the transition from defining their vehicle to the page/procedure which updates the tables. Obviously there is something I have done differently in the latter page which makes it accept me but not others at FormSubmit. But so far as the checkmarks in Web Tailor go, there seems to be no difference between the invoking page and the invoked one. Any ideas where I should look?

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Clock synchronization or time zone?

by oldbaritone In reply to The page that loves me al ...

Does the page have a security timeout? We had problems for a time with realtime-clock synchronization issues, and users who had their time zones set incorrectly. Fix was to get everyone's RTC synchronized properly and timezone set.

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synchronization probably not the problem

by john.a.wills In reply to The page that loves me al ...

because the difference is between users, not between PCs. If I wipe and repopulate the tables to their start position I can get permit number 10001 on my own PC or on my neighbor's, but my neighbors can get a permit number neither on their own PCs nor on mine. When it works, it works very rapidly: there is no discernible delay between clicking the submit button and seeing the permit display.
Interesting thought, though.

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Generic guesses.

by seanferd In reply to The page that loves me al ...

I don't know any of this software, but:
Permissions issue? Second page/procedure local to your account drive space or tables and not where the prior page/procedure is? (My phrasing here is likely way off, but I hope I have conveyed the idea,)

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Reponse To Answer

by john.a.wills In reply to Generic guesses.

I think it must be a permissions issue, as you suggest, but I need someone better with Web4/Web Tailor than I am to tell me where (else) to look for the relevant difference between this page and others.

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problem mysteriously gone away

by john.a.wills In reply to The page that loves me al ...

I have continued work on the package, using my own ID to log in for test, correcting a couple of errors that do not seem to have anything to do with page invocation. On a hunch I asked a colleague to test with her ID and she sailed through as she should be able to. I had another colleague try on his own PC, and he had more trouble getting to the software on the web.than in using my pages. I do not understand.

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