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The path of an IT Career?

By RobRoyNJ ·
I've been working in IT since the mid-80's. I have done pretty well and I normally love my work although I could do working a bit less work each week and perhaps have some time when I'm not at the beck and call of my pager. Still, I won't complain.

I recently finished a major project at my employer and decided it was time for me to take on a new challenge. It has been a while since I was on the market and I was really surprised with what has changed.

I'm afraid that IBM's vision of IT as a utility is coming true and it will mean bad things for those of us who work in this field. I work with computers because I love to devise new solutions to issues, to dig in and get work done. Even now that I manage teams, this is my favorite part of the job. It would appear that many companies are steering away from the kind of work I've loved to do my whole career and are outsourcing support, development, etc. to outside firms - Accenture, IBM, EDS, etc. This isn't about jobs moving to India, this is about companies releasing their IT staff and hiring IBM to do the work. That's great for a while but so many of my peers have gone to work for these outfits and are transferred to another job, are treated like outsiders at the company they work at (not for) and are left to follow the blueprint precisely rather than develop a great solution on their own.

Long story shorter, the interesting jobs where you're really excercising your brain require tons of travel and no time to really understand the environment your working in.

I'm waiting for my bosses to decide that this is the way to go with my company - a move I will resist as strongly as I can.

Is the creativity disapprearing from IT jobs?

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On the other hand RE: The path of an IT Career?

by curtis In reply to The path of an IT Career?

I'm an IT manager contracted to a company thata outsources it's IT needs.

I find that I am treated as an employee of the company I'm contrcted to. I have plenty of opportunities for creative projects.

Also, because I manage several other client's IT needs in addition to my primary client, I find it adds breadth and variety to my skills and projects.

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