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The phone hacking scandal that is not about phone hacking

By robo_dev ·
To read the various news stories, it would seem that every cell phone user has their collective underwear in a wad over hacking and security.

Various stories lead us to believe that Murdoch and friends have communications vans which are cracking and decrypting GSM in real-time, with some slimy guys with headphones watching the reel-to-reel tapes rolling as they listen to the phone calls.

However, reality check here:

How many cell phone conversations did News of the World listen to?

0 (zero, naught, zed)

How many cell phones did they 'hack into'?

0 (zilch, nada, butkus)

They accessed people's VOICEMAIL.

This has NOTHING to do with cell phone hacking. (Nada, nyet, null)

The fact that the voicemail servers are not well secured (relying on caller ID and short passwords), and the users tend to either leave the default password or something easily guessable (DDYY of birth), is not rocket science, it's not hacking, it's simple security 101 stuff.

And it's certainly not worthy of all the hype and hysteria that has resulted.

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