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The pink ribbons are coming- the Pink Ribbon Brigade, part three

By Tig2 ·
So here I am training again to participate in the breast cancer 3 Day- 60 miles in 3 days. My feet hurt.

New Balance did something amazingly stupid in the re-design of the 1122 (my walking shoe) that makes it unusable for me. As much as I love that shoe, I am now trying out the 1011 and hoping that it can get me through the next 60 miles plus training. I'm not at all happy about this but I can't get another year out of my existing shoes and expect to stay blister-free. While I could get another year out of one pair, I have a feeling that I will need to retire them completely if I change to the 1011- they are just different enough.

I was able to pick up a couple of new pairs of pink ribbon Wright socks at expo. Thank God that some things don't change! I love my lightweight Wright socks. I am certain that Neil can tell you how incredibly fabulous they are. What he may not know is how good it feels to change your socks mid walk.

I'm a Training Walk Leader this year and have a great group of women that are walking for the first time. The SO and I are really enjoying being Walk Leaders. We are getting a unique opportunity to reach out and teach others what we have learned in the last two years. That has been fun for us both.

My usual tan lines have returned. They look pretty funky. I have sock and shorts lines so wearing a dress is out of the question unless I find a way to tan my feet. I tan very dark (the Native American in me) but my winter skin color is very white. So I'm very dark from my knees to ankles and have an abrupt line where my socks start. My Dad used to have similar tan lines when he was still golfing.

This weekend has us walking 13 miles on Saturday and 9 on Sunday. Every weekend will go up until we do the 18/15 in late August. Since I am the Walk Leader, I can't get out of any of the mileage which is a mixed blessing.

I have raised the minimum required to walk this year but haven't reached my goal yet. Last year, you all helped me raise over $6000. This year, I am reaching for $10,000. So far, I am just over $2000 so I need to get off my tail and come up with a fund raiser. And of course, you are all welcome to participate as well.

As usual, I am collecting names of your loved ones to wear on the event. Please peer mail me with anyone you would like to have celebrated through the event. I need to get started on this year's ribbons. I need at least a first name and either the number of years as a survivor or if the person is an angel. This year, I am also making up a badge of TR supporters that I can wear on event. The Pink Ribbon Brigade is an IRL team this year and I want to make sure that the TR team is seen also. The virtual team here was the start of the Brigade after all!

The rain has stopped so I should run out and get a training walk in before the rain starts back up. I hate environmental training! But that is why God invented rain gear.

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Just the facts, Ma'am....

by jdclyde In reply to The pink ribbons are comi ...

When is the walk?

Post the link to your 3day page!

Post a pic of your tan lines! ]:) ;\

Oh yeah, BUMP!

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Would you believe...

by Tig2 In reply to Just the facts, Ma'am....

The walk this year is in September. 9/19, 9/20, and 9/21. With any luck at all, it will be cooler than it has been the last two years.

Link to my 3 Day page-

I am trying to remember to get a picture every weekend while training. I'll be sending them to Sonja for TROLOV.

My tan lines look pretty silly but I will get a pic of them.

Thanks for the bump, babz!

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I already went pink...

by Jellimonsta In reply to Would you believe...

... changed my avatar last night in preparation!!

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Good man!

by Tig2 In reply to I already went pink...

We have only 72 days till the event. Caroline will be walking with me again!

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Oh No!!!

by The Scummy One In reply to I already went pink...

Is it that time again??? I just found an Avatar I really liked
(well 2 of them)!

Hmmm, Tigs, it'll be a few weeks.

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My socks

by neilb@uk In reply to The pink ribbons are comi ...

don't have pink ribbons; they are navy blue as befits my status as a conservative old fart. Alas, I have only two pairs of Wrightsocks as they are difficult to get in the UK - I bought those in Florida.

I have no tan lines. We have had such a poor summer this year - raining all the time - that I have some rust marks which look like tan from a distance and some patches of mould that I won't mention...


Bump... Git up there, thread.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to My socks

Bump again.
For the thread, not you Neil.

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You gotta have

by Tig2 In reply to My socks

The Wright socks, Neil. Especially if you are doing a lot of walking. I will happily send you Wright socks- I have sources and they are easy to pop into an envelope and ship to London.

I used to get rusty and mouldy when I lived in Seattle. Now that I have moved to MN, I just get frost bite. My tan will fade around November but the "screw on feet" look will never quite go away, alas.

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Don't worry, babe. My feet are in good hands

by neilb@uk In reply to You gotta have

I haven't had a blister for over a year. There are British manufacturers of dual-layer walking socks that I searched out when I first got the Wright sock advice from teacher.

Morning-over-here-middle-of-the-night-over-there bump...

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Rusty & Moldy in Seattle ??

by Old-Fart-IV In reply to You gotta have

Hey Tig,

Did not know that you had spent time in this garden spot of Blue sky, Puget Sound, and lots of Green Trees. Seattle weather is much better than: Georgia, Colorado, Mississippi, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and California (plus all the other places outside the US where I have worked for extended periods of time).

I've lived in the mid-west and other extreme climates: I'd rather have a wee bit of daily "moisture", than freezing my toes off whilst out on my daily walks. Rain and low-flying clouds only occur from Oct thru May in good years, Aug thru June during other years

So .. how much is the buy-in for this year? I'm still watching expenses due to the recent economic downturn, but I'm always willing to help-out where I can.

Seattle weather has sunny and warm for the past few weeks -- the locals are praying for rain (lawns are turning brown and berry bushes are dying).

Thanks for the ITIL info ...

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