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    The potential of government portals


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    How do you think government portal sites can help streamline government? What obstacles do they present? Tell us what you think about the potential of government portal sites, as featured in this week’s Government IT e-newsletter.

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      E-mail feedback from a reader

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      Good question about government portal sites.
      Now here is one that is badly needed: a similar, seemlessly efficient
      process for child support services.
      Here in PA, as a single mother of three kids who have a dad located in
      California and hates to pay any child support, everytime I need to chase
      him down for non-support, it requires me to loose about three days wages:
      standing in lines, waiting to be called, filing papers, etc. and that is
      each time the deadbeat decides not to send the kids their meager check. My
      lost wages and time is a penalty further to single moms and kids. And that
      this is chronic is only more punishment. Nothing can be done by phone.
      They will only permit this to be done in the child support offices and
      their hours are of course only during a very limited time M-Thurs.

      I would be willing to take this on but how to start and with whom? And
      since this is about political lightweights-kids and moms-I just bet I won’t
      be able to find a single interested politician in town to get motivated.

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