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The potential of Web services

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Do you agree with Ramon Padilla Jr. that organizations will not be able to ignore Web services in the future? What efforts has your organization made to prepare for Web services? Share your comments about the potential of Web services, as discussed in the Nov. 18 Government IT e-newsletter.

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We have met the enemy!

by ajit.kapoor In reply to The potential of Web serv ...

While I would like to agree and support the thesis that Mr. Padilla presents, I cannot but point out the practical risk in his optism.

The basic protocols of Web Services are defined and agreed upon industrywide, but to actually do any thing with a SOA there needs to be a critical mass for supporting higher level protocols-I would lump them as "service managements". The real value of SOA will be realized when we can orchestrate sub components of mini reusable tasks and create a business process at run time. The vendors have already started to quibble on these standards and Microsoft, IBM, and Sun are all headed in different directions. Furthermore, the benefits of a self describing schema (XML) cannot be realized until there is an agreement not to create plethora of proprietary schemas for each vertical industry. These vertical silos will end up requiring creating expensive integration/interoperable solutions which will eat up cpu cycles and bandwidth. Back to the EAI dreaded scene. I

I believe the Government and industry should demand that these vendors create common standard and support them so as to leverage the promise of WS. If not it will go to waste and history will treat as yet another IT hype and CEOs will say "IT doesn't matter"
"We have met the enemy and its us"

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