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The Power Of DOS

By BrendanRTW ·
It has to be said DOS is well and truely alive, the problem I find is there is no complete documentaion on it's content. Does anyone know a good source where I can look up commands functions or simply browse through ones I don't know

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This may help

by superhawk In reply to The Power Of DOS

I am currently enrolled in a Tech Supoort program at a Tech school. When we learned DOS we were given this handy book its by DDC Publishing titled "Learning DOS vers. 5&6"
It might help you but I don't think it goes over every command but all the ones that are probably most common -33 to be exact. Also not knowing how much of DOS you know already did you know about typing HELP at the DOS directory prompt? Hopefully this helped

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The Power of DOS

by rsterrell3 In reply to The Power Of DOS

When I was running DOS 6.22, it did have a help feature to identify form and function of any command. I just went to the ODS prompt in Win98 and it is no longer there, alas. The next best thing is the book I got when I bought DOS 5.0, by Microsoft; the Users Guide and Reference. It describes all the commands. There has to be something similar out there, or maybe Microsoft has one. I do know that not all DOS commands are supported in Win98, from the command line.
I agree with you, though, thatfor many things ODS is best. However, where do you get software, etc. I clung on to my DOS for as long as possible, but finally, had to concede defeat. I went to Win 3.1 and ultimately to 98, now looking suspiciously at ME. I hope this helps some, and good luck to you!

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Other Web Sources -- The Langa List

by edward.h.mitchell In reply to The Power of DOS

I remember the good old days. But enough of that. I subscribe to an email news letter published by Fred Langa, former editor of Windows Magazine. Last summer and fall, he ran a series of articles on the importance of DOS. You can find them on his Web Site: The newsletter is free, and he offers a deluxe edition for $10.00 (with no ads).

Check it out. I recommend it.

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