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The PROBLEM with iChat is Leopard OS!!

By Kinann1 ·
I have FOUR apple computers all less than 1 year old, and
access to
THREE separate net works, wired and wireless.
Apple 1, MAC PRO 8 Core, 9GB Ram
Apple 3, iMac 23"
Apple 4, MacBook

Two of the computers (Apple 1 and Apple 3) utilize
Leopard OS
10.5.1, and the other two computers (Apple 2 and Apple
4) utilize
Tiger OS 10.4

A. If any of my computers iChats with ANY other
computer on the same network, there is not problem and
no errors

B. If the 2 tigers iChat with one another ON the same
network OR on different networks, there is NO PROBLEM!

C. If EITHER Leopard computer iChats with any another
computer on the same net work there is no problem.

D. THERE IS ALWAYS A PROBLEM, as soon as a Leopard
Computer wants to iChat with ANY computer NOT ON THE

E. Many limited knowledge attempts have been made on
my part to remedy this problem, even altering Router
settings, and Bandwidth, iChat Preferences, Quicktime
Streaming, etc...

F. <== This is the score I give to iChat and Apple for
their screw up, and not immediately coming out with a fix
for the problem.


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