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The Processor WAR

By stargazerr ·
Which do you guys think is better?? AMD or Intel? They say, the AMD cannot stand heat very much and needs to keep a cool head (pun intended) .... but I find it all the more cheaper...

Will AMD gain over intel in times to come or will Intel keep its crown locked in a safe somewhere??

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AMD all the way

by confirmedgeek In reply to The Processor WAR

AMD is the one I would choose dude...Its cheaper and its faster than any of its intel counterparts...Yeah you gotta keep it a bit cool but tops...Intel sucks....AMD and Linux all the way...

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nnnooooooooooooooo...not the processor wars!!!

by Jaqui In reply to The Processor WAR

I tend to use amd myself.
but it ain't important to me.

as long as the thing works right.
but let one break down and that's it, never buy that brand again, they're crapola.

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by Roger99a In reply to The Processor WAR

We use Via chips for thin clients for low power and heat production. The ITX boards have a super small footprint and 1/5 the power consumption of a Celeron. Sometimes we use AMD or Celerons when the Via chips are unavailable. We also have some Via powered TFTP servers. We have some lower end servers running on AMD 64's, and a few workstations, but for mission critical apps I always want Xeon systems. At home I've been using AMD since I got my 486DX2-80 many years ago. I've also has Cyrix and IBM chips, a Winchip and even a Nexgen. I'll use anything.

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Via Hangs

by stargazerr In reply to Depends.....

I asked around about via...they say that, via processors hang a lot and the chipset ain't very reliable either....what do you think??

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AMD for fun

by house In reply to The Processor WAR

...and Intel for business. I'm probably going to get a lot of flack for this one, but I've used Intel chips for a long time... I've only ever had an AMD chip once, but I just snagged an older K7S5A... I'm on the lookout for some parts here and there. The board was free and used, so I don't really feel like dropping good cash on it.

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Guess you are right

by stargazerr In reply to AMD for fun

I am planning on using AMD right now...AMD is more powerful compared to Intel, if you dont count that you gotta keep its head cool

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AMD at home, Intel at work

by Choppit In reply to The Processor WAR

At home the last two I've bought have been AMD,purely on the basis of cost. Heat has been an issue when gaming but I don't game often. For the business I always buy Intel and will not even consider AMD. If the price/spec were the same I'd always buy Intel.

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AMD should realizes their biggest failure...

by TomSal In reply to AMD at home, Intel at wor ...

There horrible (or lack there of actually) marketing.

So many people have your mindset...Intel=reliable, AMD=not reliable. Intel=performance, AMD=under performing.

Why? Because Intel is the CPU processor market equivalent of a well-known movie star, while AMD is (for reasons only God knows) still playing as if they are doing high school plays.

Its almost like they are afraid of standing up to Intel with their ad campaigns.

The funny thing is, and several tech sites have done the reporting and testing on this, the AMD Opteron smoked the Xeon, completely and totally in tests and database simulations.

Now of course we geeks know that tests and simulations are not real life -- but still, the results were pretty impressive. AMD smacked Intel around like a red-headed step child to be honest.

Realiably has never been an issue with my experience on AMD processors, in 10 years I've had a few Intel and a few AMD, in that time one AMD burnt out but it was because there was inadequate cooling in my case -- this was several years ago too, when the chips were even worse with the heat. Mean while I had two Intel's fail a P2 and a P3 (just recently actually over at my folks).

Its just a shame that AMD does fight Intel harder, and they don't do the "glitzy" ad thing like Intel does.

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AMD Marketing Professionals

by BFilmFan In reply to AMD should realizes their ...

You'd swear they hired them straight from Novell!

And I enjoyed the analogy of movie stars and high school plays as being most apt.

As for myself, I run AMD in my home systems and where I am given the choice at work.

A point I didn't see mentioned is the relationship between Intel and Microsoft. A larger pair of incestouous twins you'd be hard pressed to discover, yet amonst all the Microsoft bashing online, you seldom see Intel getting mucked as much, while employing a large number of the same tactics.

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by Choppit In reply to AMD should realizes their ...

My AMD prejudices originated from years ago in the days of the 486 when I was advised that Cyrix CPUs regularly got cooked, AMD was cheap, but only 98% compatible and that Intel CPUs couldn't be beaten. Whilst these 'facts' are no longer relevant, mud sticks. The glitzy Intel ads never did anything to sell me Intel CPUs and I have to say that I've always been a little uncomfortable with AMDs chip numbering system.

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