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The Purple Alert - has been redirected

By Darryl~ Moderator ·
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Ya all know how this works....
PurpleSkys is "bored" & complaining about nobody posting on TR this weekend.
I recieved a new laptop from work this week to replace my desktop....very nice little thing...ThinkPad, i5, 4GB, etc, etc.
Well.....Purple doesn't get to play with these things how it's wireless & all....and being a Saturday evening....well....I thought she should try it out a bit herself.

I think it comes down to her missing a previous discussion which has been requested to be closed.

Maybe it's time for someone to start a new "off topic" discussion that members can use to relate their day-to-day frustrations, etc. on

Here's wishing everyone a happy weekend & welcome to "Fall" here & wishing an enjoyable "Spring" to our friends "down under"

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thanks dear

by PurpleSkys In reply to The Purple Alert - has be ...
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Love the tags

by Michael Jay In reply to thanks dear

I have been thinking the same thing myself, and have heard it through the grapevine that others seem to feel the same way.

Life happens, and it is good to share, but what shall we call this new place, hmmm, my day is beautiful/my day sucks. No No No.

It has to be upbeat.

Yes My Day is Beautiful, but...


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My day is Beautiful, and it just got better? ~NT~

by Michael Jay In reply to Love the tags

I don't know, there has to be something, Hay wait you were not to read this, there is NT

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by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to My day is Beautiful, and ...

Really....I didn't read it......

Are you reading this?


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So that is it, this is it, The Purple Alert

by Michael Jay In reply to The Purple Alert - has be ...

Way better than my ideas, like I have any.

So I go out to the store to get some supplies and notice that I am almost out of gas, no problem, stop by the gas place, stick in my card and the screen comes up blank, still, no problem the next question is your zip code, put it in, select grade start pumping and the dang thing stops at 18 cents.

That is plenty of gas, yea right. Then a voice comes out of the pump saying to continue pumping, so I do, but it resets to 000 Yikes, I try again and it starts pumping from 000, and the voice says to pay inside. So I pay inside and get 2 receipts one for 18 cents and one for 34 bucks, think I will keep that receipt, ya know just in case.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to So that is it, this is it ...

go figure eh....sounds like something that would happen to me...and yeah, i would keep them receipts too

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So I was really going to the store for stuff

by Michael Jay In reply to sigh

I get the stuff, put in my card, accept the amount and then the cashier says to swipe the card again, crap, another saved receipt.

Gotta start using cash again.

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I hear ya

by PurpleSkys In reply to So I was really going to ...

don't ya just hate that...I don't use my card a lot, but when I do, it seems to double the amount of receipts in my wallet. It's almost a good enough reason to keep using cash !

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I had that problem

by GSG In reply to So I was really going to ...

The magnetic strip was losing its grip, so to speak. I just called and they sent me a new card.

I pay almost exclusively by card because it's easier for me to track my purchases. If I pay in cash, it's easier to **** the cash and not know where it went. When I pay by card, I have the nice itemized statement that I can compare to what I had budgeted for that category. When I started doing that, I identified that I was blowing a lot of money on some things that I didn't really need, and instead have put that in my savings and paid off my car early. Next goal is to pay off the house early.

Edited to Add: I pay off the card every month and NEVER carry a balance forward. If you don't do that, then you're still better off using cash.

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There you go Michael....

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to So that is it, this is it ...

I took away those "upper case" characters & renamed the discussion to...

The Purple Alert

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