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the RAD for UML

By lebdenat ·
I try to find a site to learn UML and I've found this site
where they tell about Rapid Application Development to represent UML diagrams and succeed to make an information system. I want to know if some of you know this process for UML and if it is recommanded by OMG as the UP process.

Thanks for your answers.

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by Jaqui In reply to the RAD for UML

RAD, aka Rapid Application Development,
is meant for using pre-existing code / modules to rapidly finish the application with bare functionality.

uml may not have the existing modules / code base to use rad effectively.

I would recommend against rad, unless you want a finished product that will be buggy and inefficient.
( no matter what language coding in. )

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Ones not linked to the other as such

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to the RAD for UML

UML is a way of describing requirements, that lends itself to OO development. RAD is way of turning out quick code. It does this by the use third party objects/code, paying lip service, documentation, quality & performance.
RAD is better known as QAD (Quick and Dirty).
A good set of requirements in UML will help any sort of development. Have a look at Extreme Programming. RAD as it was originally proposed is rarely used anywhere.

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