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The Religion of Technical Excellence.

By zczc2311 ·
Most of up have an opinion on matters of love, the arts and wine and we draw this opinion from many emotive and often intangible experiences which cannot be defined by logic.

Enter the PC operating System. The PC Operating System is one of great mystery to the new user, however if you have been on the planet a fair while a lot of insight and understanding can be gained by historical technical advancements.

The PC Operating System, although being founded in pure logic, stirs every passionate emotion most people posses and is now off the dinner party list of conversations along with politics and religion.

Why an Operating System and its now associated applications may one day insight a world wide jihad, today it is confined to the most passionate of discussions and commands the following of thousands of people who may well skimp on the amount of money they spend on food just to afford the next better version.

Basically, an Operating System and its associated applications can either perform a function or it cannot. There is a small area of grey which gets ever widened where a piece of software is unable to perform a task inherently ? it achieves its result by using yet other applications to assist it.

None the less if you are an active PC user you will almost certainly have a very strong opinion on what is the best. Your opinion may be founded by no technical element.

The criteria for your allegiance may come under some or all of the following.

1.I like the way it looks.
2.Everyone else knows how to use it so I will not be alone.
3.I cannot afford it.
4.I dislike big business.
5.The O/S is technically superior.
6.I can afford it.
7.The biggest must mean the best.
8.Eye Kandy is more important than functional Excellence.
9.I can find someone to fix up what I don't understand and have stuffed up.
10.A PC is a toy and to be used just to see what it can do and its my adult substitute for a baby rattle.
11.I can download a listed to any music I want without paying for it.
12.I pay no attention to purely technical discussions as my faith in my O/S is true and I will defend my beliefs using emotive language far removed from technical logic.
13.If I apply all the security updates I will be perfectly safe. The inherent deficiencies of the comms protocol have nothing to do with my PC security and hardware security. (note we have come a way since this was published, however the basic flaw remains the vehicle of how we do get successfully hacked.
Having your new religion firmly emplaned in you emotions, technical papers, which are a factual statements of logic, which attempt in part or by innuendo to discredit your faith require you so summon every literary are of your brain and you write about it.

There are basically 2 Religions. Microsoft and Linux.

Being new to an O/S like Linux gives you access to various mailing lists where you can attempt to get you technical questions answered.

Some, but not all, are the modern day sewing circle. Some lists discuss politics and what temperature you set your oven on for a successful roast. Most contributions or replies are signed, for example, A Person ? Registered Linux user since 1986.

This signature line defines your self importance in the pecking order of knowledge and serves nothing but to reassure you have been a faithful member of the Church for a long time. New comers are certainly not made welcome and although your intentions to learn another O/S should be seen as something of merit being proud enough to being the new boy after you have infinite years of Knowledge of perhaps 3 O/S, counts for nothing in these environments. For most participants its their power trip to dispense their wisdom as they see fit.

Some, but not all, email lists should be closed or at least moderated to some extent as they serve as the singularly most destructive deterrent for someone wanting to learn Linux.

For the High Priest, the Network administrator there is certainly a great deal of information they carry part of which may not be founded in logic, rather convention. There is an increasing loss of skills and some without a GUI interface become severely restricted.

An administrator who cannot perform basic tasks like file management, LDAP/ NDP changes or even creating or editing a file at the command prompt is under the disillusionment that the GUI IS the O/S and not just a front end entry point to initiate change. Slowly we are losing our basic skills and in an environment which is presented for us to fix we should be able to still do this without a GUI ? especially if the problem is that the GUI has not yet loaded.

For every Technical Discussion that may discredit or even point to an issue with Microsoft is sure to bring a deluge of pure emotionally charged replies in defence of the faith. This is shear waste and should be confined to confessional.

Emotion, unfounded belief and Spin, will shape our technology to a continuing extent and we see this happening time after time and all of this is juxtaposed against our ability to rationalise, see merit in technical excellence of the most expedient form, and make decisions based on technology and not what church you worship and the degree of your faith in your Operating System.

You will know when all this has happened to you when your PMS system faults evolve from reporting fact to passionate comparisons of other Operating Systems.

We are a large groups of highly skilled logically driven people, technology is our industry, logic is the mechanism of how it functions yet more often than not we rely on our faith, our new God to order what we believe and understand.

One final thought, in the absence of knowledge attack is the best form of defence and has little place in the science and technology.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The Religion of Technical ...

VMS is by far the best operating system ever.

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I love your satire

by zczc2311 In reply to Wrong

I did not as you know express an opinion which was the best - Love the satire

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You have one though don't you?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I love your satire

I particularly liked reason number 10

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Wrong again.

by apotheon In reply to Wrong

The best is Plan 9.

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Was that the one from outer space ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Wrong again.

Must confess I missed that one.

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Yes and no.

by apotheon In reply to Was that the one from out ...

It's named after the movie. It is, however, the operating system that was created by Ken Thompson (and others) after he decided that Unix (which he created, with others) just wasn't good enough.

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Can't say I've ever heard of it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Yes and no.

Hmmm, you can get a live cd, might be interesting.

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Any relation to OS 9?

by JamesRL In reply to Yes and no.

OS 9 is a real time operating system - an OS optimised for real time transactional throughput.

I had an OS9 server in a project I was working on - it was a system running a event ticketing system - a best available seating algorithim. It wa running on a Motorola processor (68XXX). That was 10 years ago.


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by apotheon In reply to Any relation to OS 9?

As far as I'm aware, there's no relation.

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