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The remote ?on button?. :)

By C05MIN ·
My friend just gave me his old computer ?AMD 500..yap it is OLD.
And I don?t have any room for that in my chamber.
I put the computer in my closed to use it like a apache/php..server.
I want to start the computer from my desk...
Haw can I put the ?on button? from my case, on my desk?
I fink it should be simple, like putting 2 wires in the case (in the on button) and some how making a switch mechanism?How can I do this ?


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by statykserver In reply to The remote ?on button?. : ...

I haven't done this but I bet you could cut the two cables that go from the "on button" to the motherboard right in the middle. (the middle in case it doesn't work you can just reattach them) And splice the cable with some other wire of the same gauge (maybe some speaker wire). Remove the power button from system and screw or brace to your desk. Make sure no wires are exposed or crossing and it should work. All the power switch does is place a contact between the two wires which triggers the system to turn on.

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by CG IT In reply to The remote ?on button?. : ...

yeah but don't use speaker wire. get a similar gauge stranded wire, shrink tubing, solder em together, use the shrink tubing to cover em.

To bad its not a motherboard what is ATX. You could put a NIC in there with Wake-on-LAN capabilities and use something like magic packet or Kavoom.

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by TheChas In reply to The remote ?on button?. : ...

First off, I assume that this is an ATX type motherboard with a soft push-button power switch on the front panel.

If so, then yes, you can either parallel a second switch, or replace the existing switch with a remote switch.
Go to Radio Shack, or any similar parts store and choose a normally open momentary switch you like.

1 caveat, you don't want the wires to be too long, or to run near any power cords. The noise that you can pick up with long wires can cause problems.
One way to reduce problems with long wires is to use twisted pair wire.

Another GOOD idea would be to install a ferrite bead on the wire just before it enters the case.
The bead acts as a noise filter.

If this is an AT style system where you are switching AC power, I recommend against adding a remote switch in place of the power switch.

Instead, install a remote power outlet and leave the power switch on the PC in the on position.
You can either:
Hard wire a wall switch to an outlet;
Use a remote switch cord;
Use a remote power cord that has a switch controlled by a remote control like on your TV.

You could also use a remote control system like X-10.

This concept could also work for a remote ATX style computer so long as you can set the power options to turn the PC on after power is interrupted.


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