The restoration Inbox files in Outlook Express

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The user in Outlook Express removed his hands all incoming Shift Del, closed the program. Then went to Doc$Sett\..\Outlook Express\. Copied Inbox.dbx and asks them to recover. The file 250mg size that says that the file not empty and there is letters.
Whether there is a way of their restoration?

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The restoration Inbox files in Outlook Express

by joseph.robinson In reply to The restoration Inbox fil ...

Try to import them in Outlook Express. Click File - Import - Choose the folder from which to import and click Import.
There is another option.
The Outlook Express repair process is divided into several sequential steps:
1 - Extraction and saving of messages and letters from the damaged file dbx. Need a special utility to extract messages from corrupted Outlook Express folders. I use in such cases of Easy OutlookExpress Repair.
You only Need to choose .dbx file and to run the recovery procedure information of Outlook Express. Upon completion of the recovery process of Outlook Express will display a list of all recovered emails. it is possible to look the letter through like as in Outlook Express. After complete restore Outlook Express, you must save all the messages to disk.
2 - Backup of the damaged file dbx.
It is necessary to make a backup copy of the initial damaged file dbx, perhaps, it will be still useful.
3-create a new empty folder in Outlook Express.
Remove the damaged dbx file from the folder where Outlook Express stores information. Start Outlook Express and click on the Outlook Express folder, which corresponds to just deleted dbx file, Outlook Express will automatically create a new empty dbx file on disk.
4 - Copying of the kept messages in the new empty Outlook Express folder.
To transfer messages, you need to open at the same time Outlook Express and Windows Explorer, highlight in Windows Explorer saved messages, grab them with the mouse and move them to the newly created folder in Outlook Express.
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