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By donkey ·
Bonzi Buddy use to be the coolest Purple Monkey that anyone could have bouncing around on their computer.

I miss that bog lovable monkey. Oh where did Bonzi Buddy go? Have people lost faith in the once so much loved Bonzi Buddy. I miss that big purple monkey.

Bonzi Buddy should be resurrected from the dungeons of the internet. What can BONZI BUDDY do for you, one must ask theirself?

Bonzi Buddy can troubleshoot tech issues for you, help out with your kids homework, bounce around on your screen like a retard....

Have faith, and don't worry Bonzi Buddy will be back stomping all over Mario and Luigi...

Bonzi Buddy will be giving it to Princess Toadstool next...

We want you back you big purple monkey ..gorilla..thing....

Signing out from another episode is the always loved Donkey Man.....

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current med schedule

by setantapc In reply to THE RESURRECTION OF BONZI ...

Methinks a request for your current medication regimen is in order if you authentically feel the need to resurrect Bonzai Buddy....

next you'll be asking for all new PC's to have Gator installed by default....

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by ctrservices In reply to current med schedule

I also wanted to ask, do you get Gator from drinking GatorAde?

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Bring Back Bonzi

by persnakins In reply to current med schedule

That lovable purple bastage was indispensible to me! He managed my stock profile and my money market accounts (at least until the whole thing oddly bottomed out); he managed my relationships (I am currently single) and he was my top Confidentiality Officer (until it seemed like everybody knew our classified business plans.) Boy do I miss that funny little fellow; I know this sounds corny, but I still feel like somehow he's still watching over me.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to THE RESURRECTION OF BONZI ...

When you find Bonzi, see if ESheep is locked up in the same electronic holding pen.

If you're really desperate for on-screen company, there's always Clippy...

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by jacobluke In reply to ESheep
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You're kidding, right?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to clippy?

First, welcome to TR.

You do realize you're posting against a two-year-old discussion, right? It's the weekend and a near-miracle this wasn't pushed off the bottom of the page before anybody noticed it. You may want to start checking the 'Date Posted' before responding.

'Clippy' is the derogatory nickname for that paperclip 'helper' that was installed by default as part of Microsoft Office beginning around version 97 or so. Technically his name was Clippit, one of several 'Office Assistants'. These cartoon characters became optional in Office 2003 and were dropped entirely in 2007. Widely regarded as a waste of screen space and CPU cycles, Clippy's dialog boxes were often lampooned with minimal tastefulness.

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clippy hate

by pisstophe In reply to You're kidding, right?

I'm sensing a lot of clippy hate... Where's BonziBuddy when u need him.

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I love Bonzi Buddy too!!!

by the_lazarus_project In reply to THE RESURRECTION OF BONZI ...

Sure, the company used some foul tactics to market it, but it WAS a great thing to have. im searching right NOW to find bozni so I can put him on my puter.
I dont like adware, spyware, malware, etc. I support Copyleft (GNU GPL) not open source or any of that stuff. But I must admit, I liked bonzi. Sure I didnt wanna pay that much to have him but man...
he was Funny, i loved his jokes. He was nice to break up the monotony of a desktop just by his moving around...spitting out useless information etc.
im looking for a link to him right now (dont send me one im sure ill find it) and this time Ill PAY to have him damnit.

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by dontgotone In reply to I love Bonzi Buddy too!!!

lol bonzi buddy

Reports of spyware
An article in Consumer Reports's Web Watch labels BonziBUDDY as spyware, stating that it is a Backdoor Santa in that it collects information from users. Among the activities the program is said to engage in include constantly resetting the user's web browser homepage to without the user's permission, prompting and tracking various information about the user, and serving advertisements.[1]

Spyware Guide's entry on the program states that it installs automatically without user knowledge or consent via an ActiveX object in Internet Explorer.[7]

Anti-virus company Trend Micro classified the software as spyware/grayware and adware, but not malware.[8][9]

[edit] Legal

BonziBUDDY ApeThere were two legal cases about the software.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- reported the settlement of a class action suit on May 27, 2003. Originally brought against Bonzi Software on December 4, 2002, the suit accused Bonzi of using its banner advertisements of deceptively imitating Windows computer alerts, alerting the user that their IP Address is being broadcast. In the settlement, Bonzi agreed to modify their ads so that they looked less like a Windows dialogue box and to make them more obviously advertisements. [10][11]


On February 18, 2004, the Federal Trade Commission released a statement indicating that Bonzi Software, Inc. was ordered to pay $75,000 in fees, among other aspects, for violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act by collecting personal information from children under the age of 13 with BonziBUDDY.[5


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by pikapal In reply to THE RESURRECTION OF BONZI ...

i love him,and want him back.

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