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      Dealing with Digital Disease

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      Dealing with Digital Disease

      By Cody Moya

      A virus is a program that replicates itself. It cannot exist on its own
      so it attaches to another program, usually an executable one. A worm is
      like a virus?it also replicates itself. However, it can stand on its
      own and does not need another program to run. It usually infects your
      computer?s networking features, which includes its internet connection.

      Spyware and adware go hand-in-hand. Spyware is a kind of program which
      gathers information, specifically browsing habits. It tracks down what
      kind of sites you visit, and the adware will generate ads that fit with
      your interest which the spyware based on information it gathered in the
      first place.

      Malware is malicious software. It?s any program that is useless, or
      worse, destructive. A Trojan a program pretending to be good but once it?s
      deep in your system it proves to be quite the opposite.

      In spite of all their differences, they have one thing in common: they
      are out to give you headaches by rendering your computer unusable.

      To protect your computer as much as possible from being infected, here
      are four dangerous activities that you should avoid, or at least

      ? Opening email attachments

      Do not open any email attachments if they aren?t scanned by antivirus
      software. Worms can spread through email, so even a friend can
      unwittingly send you one by way of an attachment.

      ? Internet File-sharing

      In file-sharing via the internet, your computer is exposed and open to
      others it is communicating with. If other computers? files can be
      transferred to yours, the same thing can be said about a virus, if the
      others are infected.

      ? Downloading free software of questionable origins

      Free software is free for a reason. If you bothered to read the End
      User License Agreement (EULA) of a software you are installing?which you
      probably didn?t?you most likely will come upon a short and tiny clause
      saying that if you agree to the terms, you are allowing advertisements
      to pop up on your screen, or other software to be installed in your
      system. So be careful with what you download. Read product reviews and find
      out if other people got headaches from using it.

      ? Visiting ad-heavy sites
      If you visit a site and you?re immediately bombarded with pop-up ads,
      leave immediately. You might click on an ad that activates an automatic
      download of malicious software to your computer.

      Here is a list of activities which you should be doing instead:

      ? Invest in good antivirus software. Going online without the
      protection of antivirus software is like going out naked in the snow. That?s
      just how vulnerable an unprotected computer is.

      ? Most antivirus software packages include an internet security program
      (also known as firewall). A firewall acts as a barricade between you
      and unwanted content from the internet. When buying antivirus software,
      it?s better to shell out for the internet security as well.

      ? Once antivirus software is installed in your computer, keep it
      updated always so it can recognize and remove newly released viruses.

      ? Whatever browser you are using, check that its security settings are
      all in default unless you really know what you are doing.

      ? Periodically delete files that you no longer use.

      ? Download spyware- and adware-removal tools and run them at least once
      a week. Be warned that many of these removal programs are a scam, so
      make sure that what you download is reliable. You can easily search for
      product reviews to check if the program is legitimate or otherwise.

      ? Back up all your important files all the time.

      ? If possible, have two computers at home. One will be used to connect
      to the internet, and the other should not be connected at all. The
      second computer will act as storage of all your important files so that
      even if the first one crashes, your life won?t be in ruins.

      Don?t be dependent on removal tools and antivirus software packages,
      though. A bit of prevention is always worth a megabyte of cure.

      Cody Moya writes about  Business and Marketing in his
      weekly Business and Marketing Tips Ezine. You can sign
      up for his free Ezine and get additional information
      at his website:


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      by b.ngatai ·

      In reply to The Rightinfo


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      To Your Success!
      Bronwyn Ngatai

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      Recipe for Life

      by b.ngatai ·

      In reply to The Rightinfo

      Soul Food

      (image placeholder)I love the taste of T-bone steak,Delicious every bite,But there’s nothing like the Word of God,For my spiritual appetite.The Word of God has milk and meat,And even ice cream and cake.Take a slice of the Bread of Life,And coffee to keep us awake.Open your Bible and turn to Psalms,For David’s famous buffet.You can drink all the wine of the word you want,And still feel fine the next day.There’s enough of the Word for everyone,And no one has to cheat.The Word of God is a smorgasbord,So take all you are able to eat.Let’s have a little longsuffering,Job gives the recipe.Patience is the main ingredient,Self denial is the fee.Wrap that up in temperance,It may not make much sense,Cover that with contentment,Then add some joy for strength.Let’s have love for dessert,Jesus made this dish,Cream of joy and peace together,Sift out all selfishness.?

      (image placeholder)
      Add some deeds of righteousness,Enough to make it sweet.Humility is the frosting,That makes the dish complete.Or are you on a diet,Cause the race seems hard to run.For a weight losing menu,try Hebrews 12 and 1.Are you suffering from malnutrition,And don’t know what to do?Your spiritual growth seems hindered,Try 1 Peter 2 and 2.If when every time you battle,the enemy always wins,Try some Holy Ghost Protein,And spiritual vitamins.God’s Word can feed millions,And still have plenty left.Because the Word of God is Soul Food,Sent from the World’s Greatest CHEF.

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