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The Rogue Router Renegade

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In the beginning...

by rjgaa In reply to The Rogue Router Renegade

So they want me to insert blog text here...<br /><br />Okay<br /><br /><br />First time blogger, long time reader. No, that's a lie. I've never read anyone's blogs. In fact, it was a long time into this whole blogging craze that I actually figured out what a blog was. So I'm a little behind the power curve. I just never put enough importance on blogs to invest the effort into researching them.<br /><br />Now I'm writting one.<br /><br />If I keep at this, you'll eventually find out about me and where I work, and who I work with, and all kinds of other extraneous information that I should probably keep to myself. In the mean time, just be happy to get in on the ground floor of something great. Me.<br />

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