The router ->switch<-router<-modem problem

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Ok here goes....
I have a router1 in my adjacent building that connects to the internet(via uplink) from a particular service provider. This routers IP is, there is an entire network connected to this router. I used a long cable and connected it to d-link switch(let's call this switch HEAD) in my building.Note the D-link switch here is not the uplink to this router1.

In my building I have a wireless modem that connects to the Internet. My PC connects to this modem wirelessly.This modems IP is .
I connected this modem to HEAD. I have another router-router2 in the adjacent room that is connected to HEAD as well, this time the HEAD is the uplink to router2.
Here is the dea.....,
What i want is to set up a lan between my building and the adjacent.
router2 picks up the internet from my modem in the adjacent room...and i have a lan between this router2 and my modem...i tested it with my PC and a laptop.

Can someone help me with this pls...

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Are you authorized to do this?

by robo_dev In reply to The router ->switch<-rout ...

Running a long cable between adjacent buildings is such a bad idea.

Is this a residence or a business?

What are you trying to accomplish?

You have two separate IP networks and therefore you need a LAN-to-LAN router to sit between the two networks.

What type of router are you trying to use for this purpose? Most consumer-grade WAN routers are not usable as a lan-to-lan router.

What you describe as a modem sounds like it is a router, since it has an IP address.

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