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The Secret of the Mind

By Furqan Asrar ·
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Ultimate Service Packs

by Furqan Asrar In reply to The Secret of the Mind

<p>We all tend to think Service Packs are there to solve issues, but inevitably they tend to cause more issues while solving the first few. </p>
<p>I had recently installed Project Server Service Pack 1 onto our installation and rolled out the ActiveX controls (this one's a long story). Everything went quite smooth and as planned. Then all of a sudden a few days later, a user reports he is not able to see Project Center. I went and had a look at it. Amazingly enough whenever a user clicks the Projects menu, he is briefly shown "There are no projects etc.etc." and is redirected to the main page. Same thing with the Resource menu and the Tasks. Now first thing I normally do is Google the error up (a wierd habit of mine) and find a KB article <a href=";en-us;810596">810596</a> that gives you quite a few methods to solve this kinda problem. However, I did each and every one (well except the Lockdown tool since I use Windows 2003) but all in vain.</p>
<p>Now I was running out of options here then all of a sudden I just went and did Method 3 (which is enabling read permissions for Authenticated users and the Internet Guest account to the Viewdrop folder) to the Bin directory (the parent directory). It still didn't work, so I figured why not give them full control and WALA... whaddyaknow? It worked.</p>
<p>I still need to find the root cause of this problem. The KB article contatins all the error information.</p>

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Long time...

by Furqan Asrar In reply to The Secret of the Mind

<p>So its been a long time since I posted and a lot has happened since then.</p>
<p>Project Server SP2 is just out recently and hopefully will be testing out the installation and packaging of ActiveX Controls.</p>
<p>I tried to do an installation of SPS on top of Project Server and WSS on the same machine. Turned out it ruined WSS. I need to fix that up.</p>
<p>In the process of improving our Issue Management processes and updating our PM Lifecycle we'd be looking at changes to default fields and adding some new fields.</p>
<p>A wierd thing I found out about Sharepoint, you want to use the Today value in a calculated field. Add a new column called Today. Enter the formula in the calculated field. Go ahead and Delete the Today column. And there you have it...</p>
<p>Anyway, going back to changing the fields in WSS for Issues, all of a sudden I get asked what's our Migration Plan. And I clearly indicated that we had none. It is interesting to note that if, for example, you have values in a multiple choice column let's say 1. High and you want to change that to 2. High, what do you do? You can go ahead in the column settings and change the option but you can't change the saved list items. Do we really need to change them?</p>
<p>Well, I guess we really need to thing about this...</p>

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I Wonder...

by Furqan Asrar In reply to The Secret of the Mind

<p>I wonder whether you can customize permissions for Site groups in WSS just as you can customize Lists using SCHEMA.XML</p>
<p>I also wonder if there is a way where you can overwrite a project in PS...</p>
<p> </p>

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