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The simplest RRAS Question!

By goasakawa ·
I have W2k Adv Svr...Here is the everyday Joe Shmo setup:

Nic 1-192.168.129 (DHCP) Connected to Internet
Nic 2- (LAN IP Address)

I ran RRAS, set up the ICS via NAT with all the defaults. Ok, now either these step-by-step guides are wrong or im stupid. Everythign was done to the letter. yet none of my LAN machines can access the internet.

My associate tells me its my gateway address. I dont think so. I have the gateway ip address as for the LAN nic. (This was set in the DHCP Sanp In). Is he wrong or am I wrong?) I dont think I am supposed to put the public nics address as my gateway do I?

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by CG IT In reply to The simplest RRAS Questio ...

got a router before the internet? if so, the gateway is the routers IP address [not your public IP address assigned to you by your ISP rather the router itself has an address. That is the gateway. Your NIC 1 if connected to the router must be on the same subnet as the router.

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by CG IT In reply to

btw, the gateway address is not the NIC connected to the LAN.

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by goasakawa In reply to

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by Gigelul In reply to The simplest RRAS Questio ...

The workstations setup must have the gateway IP address in the same IP class (subnet) like the LAN IP address (10.1.1.x).
The gateway machine must route all LAN reguests to the public IP address.

How is connected NIC1 to the internet? (192.168.129.x is a private IP address not public)

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by goasakawa In reply to

I have NIC 1 connected to the Internet by way of another router. This router serves a 24 port switch in wich all tenants can use to access the internet. I have my internal LAN on the class c sub (just like the 'building internet access'. But alas no luck. I think its how my DCHP is setup but I cant figure out what little detail I missed.

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