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The six worst kinds of users (that IT staff have to deal with)

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
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It's a rage-rant Monday.

My list of half-dozen user nightmares:

1. The Clean Freak
Deletes everything, obsessed with inbox zero, and damn the consequences. Especially dangerous in shared file environments, like Google Apps.

2. The Disgruntled Troll
An exec or client just fired this guy, but didn't tell IT until hours later, and didn't escort him from the building. Guess who just trashed and defragged everything on the network?

3. The Weak Password
If you don't require strong passwords, it's "password." If you do, the password is taped to his/her monitor for easy recall.

4. The Do-It-Yourself-er
Knows just enough to be dangerous, and insists on troubleshooting problems for a few hours before calling support. Always causes way more damage than he fixes. This is the same guy that hoses the local address book by trying to sync his smartphone using unsupported beta apps.

5. The Weirdo
ESPECIALLY dangerous for anyone running cloud apps, this is the jerk that can't help but download unsavory materials, send out 10 billion email forwards, or use his local PC as a torrent server. Guess who just got your entire office banned from Google or Salesforce a TOS violation.

6. The Tech-Ignorant Auditor
Demands an explicit compliance with rules written for paper documents that can't possibly apply in some tech circumstances -- like having 7-year records for a system that was installed 3 years ago. Or contact information for anonymous commenters on the company website. Or a searchable archive of the company Twitter feed (which even Twitter can't produce).

These are the top 6 thorns in my side. What are yours?

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Sounds like better policy and security controls are needed

by robo_dev In reply to The six worst kinds of us ...

With respect to #6, that is more about learning to say NO. If something is not possible, you say it's not possible, and your boss says it's not possible, so the demand goes away.

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The "Honey Do'er"

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The six worst kinds of us ...

"Say, it's a good thing I bumped into you (while you're over here working on someone else's call) because I have this problem (that I've been living with for weeks and have forgotten the details about what may have caused it) and I'd like you to (abandon the guy who called you and) look at it (even though you don't have any of the diagnostics or tools required because you didn't know my sorry @$$ was going to stop you).

A variation on the #6, the Tech-Ignorant Auditor, is the one who insist all documentation must be retained in hardcopy form, refusing to accept electronic storage as acceptable.

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Sounds awful...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The "Honey Do'er&quo ...

worse, sounds prolific!

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sounds awful...

They should be sprayed with malathion like the nagging mosquitoes they are.

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Once a support tech was in the bathroom stall

by robo_dev In reply to The "Honey Do'er&quo ...

And one of our users RECOGNIZED HIS SHOES and started asking him a tech question (seriously).

His response, was somewhat less than went something like:

God_______, can't you see I'm _______ here? What the ___________is wrong with you?

Needless to say the question-asker quietly left and closed the door.

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My response would have been...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Once a support tech was i ...

"*Gnnnnh*, yeah, I'm *hngh* parsing your data, right *ahh/plop/splash* now!"
As in parsing a kidney stone, but the other way...

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This has happened to me a few times.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to My response would have be ...

I usually reply that I'm 'uploading some corrupt data'. If that doesn't work, I tell the user I'm scared and ask if he would hold my hand.

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@ this branch of the thread:

by seanferd In reply to This has happened to me a ...

I haven't laughed so hard all week. :^0

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Having a good Mundelday Jay?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The six worst kinds of us ...

Just be thankful you don't work Bank Security those you are complaining about are the ones you hope to get daily.

Of course the ones you do get are much worse and make you want to break all your fingers and poke your eyes out before you get the call.


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I got to explain our contract coverage to a store manager today

by NickNielsen In reply to The six worst kinds of us ...

"If it's bolted to the floor or too heavy to move, facilities maintenance probably works on it. If you can pick it up, call the IT help desk."

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