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The sky is falling....the sky is falling

By BOB.B ·
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Just had a chat with my righty friend.

I felt it was my duty to remind him that the Dems now controlled all 3 branches of the government and that the squad was driving the bus.

He went ballistic with all the things that Fox news has twisted his brains with.

Trump won the election....the riot in Washington was caused by the Dems.....etc.etc.etc.

The more I laughed the hotter he got.

Scary that there are millions of my friend around the country.
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What my friend s are asking for.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to The sky is falling....the ...

"Boring." As in boring news. A break from daily "you got to be kidding me" news.

Also, an end to news about reality show people.

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Boring would be nice

by BOB.B In reply to What my friend s are aski ...

I don't expect that to happen any time soon.

Do something and the folks that wanted do nothing will scream.

Do nothing and the folks that wanted do something will scream.

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This just in.

by nopremx In reply to What my friend s are aski ...

Xi to Biden: Congratulations on your win. The wife and I wish that you and yours may live in interesting times.

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Try talking with a lefty friend about other recent riots

by john.a.wills In reply to The sky is falling....the ...

The political polarization which as gradually been building up in the U.S. since Reagan's time (I am not blaming Reagan) is getting frighteningly dangerous. Who is to blame? Quoting Carlyle, every man who did not do his duty; i.e. everyone who voted by ethnicity or family tradition or anything except the judgement on which candidate is most likely to fulfill the purpose of government; everyone with the ability to vote who did not do so; everyone who... ?.

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Lefty friend

by BOB.B In reply to Try talking with a lefty ...

I'm not aware of any.
My group seems pretty neutral except for my brain rotted friend who has been taught by Fox and Rush.

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no lefty friend?

by john.a.wills In reply to Lefty friend

Perhaps you yourself are a lefty and so much so that your vision is skewed. And... is "neutral" the best position to view things? Surely the best place to view a game is not in the middle of the field but quite off it. Actually "lefty" and "righty" are not adequate to discuss the field of political possibilities, although they may be adequate to discuss the present game between two congeries of internally conflicting opinions.

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by BOB.B In reply to no lefty friend?

Skewed toward the middle.

I'm not in favor of following the Squad.

Don't tell me the election was filled with me.

When the attempts to show me have failed 50 different times stop telling me.

Protest....have all you want....peaceful/legal protest.
I may or may not much care about what the protest is about just keep it peaceful.

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Maybe the middle isn't the place to be

by john.a.wills In reply to Skewed.....yup

If your righty friend insists that the election was stolen, give him a cup of tea or coffee and ask him his opinion on the theory of tittlebats. But we are tech people here, above such things, are we not?
The purpose of the state (at whatever level) is to secure such God-given human-natural rights as those to life, to liberty and to property. There are various proposals to fulfill this purpose. As far as the economy goes, we can distinguish corporatism, liberalism and socialism (I use these three words in their proper historical senses, of course, not in the perverted ways the lefties and righties of the USA often misuse them); together with the economy, all 3 proposals have extra-economic associations. Some people take the proposals and madly forget the purpose: the corporatist gone mad is a fascist, the liberal gone mad is a libertarian and the socialist gone mad is a communist. Those of us who are not mad can contemplate the possibility that some kinds of activity may have different ideal solutions from others (socialist postal service, corporatist medical services, liberal grocery service - just as examples, you understand, and as they are at present in the USA). The extremists cannot abide this idea. Can we look down at the 3-cornered field from above, not from its center?

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Bob, imagine you're on a three lane highway.

by nopremx In reply to Skewed.....yup

You're safely in the middle, while another driver is on either side of you. You of course are a good, law-abiding driver, and you're aware that the others are not. Stay safe in the middle.
But. The others are hateful, lawless and intolerant. Independently they decide to eliminate you from their 'safe, predictable' worlds. You get squashed like a bug - in the middle.
If the road is life, is the analogy far-fetched? Ask the cop and the AF vet from San Diego, in DC.

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by BOB.B In reply to Bob, imagine you're on a ...

I have no control over the radical people...left or right...who are running around.

We have laws and police to try and keep these people going straight.

Radical pols like Trump-olini I can peacefully protest and vote.

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