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The State of our Industry

By J. Buelna ·
I joined TechRepublic in hopes of collaborating with Professionals. Instead, I found myself surrounded by whiners and novices that do not possess the knowledge or cognitive skills it requires to be good at what they claim to do. There are many diamonds in the rough, but for the most part it's all rough.

I've read post after post of people whining about this or that. Frankly, the only thing I read into some of the posts is that the poster is lazy, unqualified, and an amateur.

I hope this collection of 1,420,000 members is not representative of the IT Industry as a whole. Because if it is I know that it's not software companies or clients that impede progress. It's our own attitudes, poor education, and work ethic.

What areyou doing with your time? Are you busy complaining about some software company that your client prefers instead of actually learning the ins and outs of it's products? Are you spending countless hours fixing mistakes you've made in configuration just because you're uneducated? Then don't blame it on the software manufacturer. Education and cognitive reasoning is the key to success in any field.

This is a call for all IT Professionals to "suck it up" and be the best you can be. Stop whining, be a true professional, learn this stuff backwards and forwards, when new stuff comes out jump on it. I've never known a field with so many whiners. Sure, information management is a tough task, but there's no reason we can't handle our careers with a professional and mature attitude.

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Professionalism vs Whining

by generalist In reply to The State of our Industry

Being the best you can be is a core aspect of professionalism in any field, not just IT. In another discussion the term 'craftsmanship' has been mentioned as a similar idea. Both are good concepts for people in any field to embrace.

Now when you get down to it, whining is not something a professional or craftsman does. But they can and should voice legitimate complaints and figure out ways of resolving them.

The catch is determining the difference between whining and complaining. The software package someone thinks you're whining about may have major flaws that deserve attention. These postings often don't have all the facts due to time and space complaints.

Complexity is another issue, especially when someone is in a one person shop and expected to handle everything. It is, for most people, impossible to have perfect knowledge about everything you need to know in the IT field. And if your budget precludes hiring experts, you have to make do with your limits. And if you make mistakes, you deal with them in a professional manner.

I think 'whining' is a matter of point of view when you look at most of the postings. People use Techrepublic for answers to problems and as a sounding board.

As an example, your call to "suck it up" could be considered 'whining' by some. And, from your point of view, my comments could be considered 'whining'.

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What's the problem?

by epepke In reply to The State of our Industry

I'm not sure what the problem is. I too get quite discouraged, not by the ignorant, but by the proudly stupid. Also, since leaving a research science position and going into business, I have encountered an enormous amount of incompetence.

I don't understand the point of getting upset about it, though. It's a bit like arguing with the weather.

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