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The Status Bar of Explorer on Windows Seven does not show file properties.

By clebermag ·
I don't know how many peoples use the status bar in Explorer (The defaut file mananger of Microsoft Windows) but i use it. And I have been using it too hardly since Windows 95 to Windows XP, because in the status bar, if I select one folder, I can see file size, some file properties and much more, even I see the content of folder in list form (without list details). Recently, I bought a netbook With Windows Seven, and I was surprised that this feature was REMOVED from Windows Seven. In this link [ ] someone can read more details about what I am talking about and in this another link [ ] I post an image in my Wordpress blog (portugueese language only) where I show an example comparing a same Explorer folder in Windows XP and in windows Seven. Then, I ask a question: Why microsoft REMOVED this feature, instead only to disable?
In the fist link of this post, many users post some advantages of the status bar... Take a look to understand what I am talking about, and post a comment about it. I think that since Bill Gates is not at Microsoft, this enterprise are becoming very corporatist and it is looking to have charge back features hitherto free.

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This can help you!

by corporategeek In reply to The Status Bar of Explore ...


Your frustration is easily fixed. You want the details pane to be enabled in Windows Explorer. To get this pane enabled go to: Organize -> Layout and check Details Pane.

If you want other stuff to be similar to Windows XP, you should check out these two tutorials - they can help you out:
<a href="">Fix Windows Explorer Annoyances with Classic Shell</a>
<a href="">How to Improve Windows Explorer Using Folder Options</a>

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