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    The Strange Language of my Windows


    by conjunktionman ·

    Ok, where to start. I kindly offered to take a look at a friends laptop. E-Machines with Vista Home Edition. Apparently they had many viruses and could not connect to their home wireless network.
    I started by using Malware Bytes to remove any unwanted nasties (782 in total) and also Revo uninstaller to remove some useless programs and clean up some junk files. Nothing important. Now I needed a network to finish installing AVG ( they had no antivirus installed). When connecting to my home network i was getting an error message saying ‘Class not registered’.
    I then decided to boot up the system with ‘Last known good configuration’ just to see if that would help. It didnt.
    Now here is when it gets strange. When Windows booted back up, all the text characters were strange symbols instead of english. Like squares and semi-circles and stuff. I could make sense of none of it. Now I am totally stuck.
    I now turn to you, experts of Tech Republic for help. Has anybody seen this before? And if so, what do I do?


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