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The SYS volume is denied access

By joe.phillips ·
I have an HP Proliant BL25 server running netware 6.5. The sys volume was originally created with a 400Mb mirrored partition. However, now the partition has shrunk to 40mg and all users including the admin are denied access to the sys volume. You can see the mapped drive from the user desktop but when you try to click on it access is denied. All other volumes are accessable and are running normally. I am however, able load modules and see sys files and folders from the server console. I've also tried running ds repair's unattened maintenance but the results are the same.

Does anyone have any advice before I wipe out the sys and repartition it?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to The SYS volume is denied ...

400 MB for a sys vol is way too small. It should be about 4 gig in size. Also, if you are running nss, try doing a nss /poolverify and see if there are any error messages that pop up. If so, do a nss /poolrebuild This will take a while to do.

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by pierrejamme In reply to The SYS volume is denied ...

I agree with 1st post, way too small for SYS. Try working with NSS if it is NSS.
Is there any programs installed there that might be adding files such as netshield or Backupexec? This will usually cause a problem. In addition I like to set the SYS volume for immediate purge as there is nothing there you will ever want to salvage.
a couple of thoughts to try:
1. Can you use the purge option on the Red N?
2. Can you get into the volume with consoleone to delete some unneccessary files?

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by mrjay67 In reply to The SYS volume is denied ...

The biggest problem here is that you have very little space left. When space gets that low you will have restricted access. I am kinda surprised that it was functioning at 400 MB. You need to try and get it into the the gig range if its possible. Delete some files if possible and try repooling through NSS as some of the others have said.


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