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The target account name is incorrect

By marcr ·
We have a Windows 2000 domain with 2 domain controllers (let's call them serverA and serverB). We recently needed to activate a 2nd NIC with a different subnet on serverB to access our VPN appliance properly.
Now when we try to browse through network neighborhood from serverB to serverA we receive the following error message:

Logon failure: The target account name is incorrect

Pinging serverA from serverB is successful and mapping a network drive to serverA from serverB using serverA's IP address works. It is when trying to access serverA using it's hostname that doesn't work.

I suspect that when serverB to trying access serverA with the serverA hostname, DNS on serverA is rejecting the request because it is somehow picking up the IP address from the 2nd NIC and not the local IP address. Therefor DNS doesn't find the match it is expecting and fails.

Any insights/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You

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by BFilmFan In reply to The target account name i ...

Sounds like a definite DNS issue. When you check the "A" name and "C" name records on these servers, do they show up with the correct IP addresses?

Are both servers running DNS? I'd highly recommend it, since you are routing with one of them.

Did you activate routing and remote access on the server with 2 NIC's?

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by marcr In reply to

Still need help (see comments)

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by marcr In reply to The target account name i ...

Only serverA is running DNS and it does have the correct A and C name records defined with the correct IP address for serverB.

Routing and Remote access is running on serverB.

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by KenV In reply to The target account name i ...

A simple solution (probably not the best) is to create an entry in the host file of the server having the resolution problem.

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