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The time has come for maxwell edison to leave TR.

By deepsand ·
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In a discussion re. the new TR Discussions/Questions/etal. Alert format, maxwell attacked apotheon for even starting a Discussion re. this subject, in a manner most foul, at .

Many here have already experienced max's crude & vicious attacks; even more have witnessed them.

His behavior here has become egregious, and he shows no sign of being either willing or able to comport himself in an acceptable manner.

His continued presence here now serves only to diminish the stature of TR. It is clearly his time to go.

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Well Max's comment was a bit over the top but aren't you over reacting??

by sleepin'dawg In reply to The time has come for max ...

There have been many instances Max could have or should have been called to account but I don't see this as being one of them. Reading Apotheon's complaint; it comes off as being rather whiny.

Remember this, "It takes a man to play the game and a punk to criticize." When one offers criticizm it should endeavour to be of the constructive variety rather than a mere whining complaint of the"somebody stole my candy" variety, which is how I read Apotheon's little diatribe.

There are a lot of things that I do not like about what has happened to the format and content of "the new TR"; many of which I find inconvenient and a royal pain in the butt, if not down right assinine but unless I feel I can offer alternatives of a feasible and constructive nature, something I feel I do not have the necessary time to get involved in, I keep my mouth shut. It's a matter of putup or shut up. Banning Max from TR wont accomplish anything except a further diminishment of the forums. Half the fun is watching the two of you snapping asses at each other. Lose that sort of thing and TR will lose a lot more of the old regulars. If you don't like it, go see the chaplain for a TS chit.

BTW I made several suggestions of what could or should be done in the TR forums but to date I am unaware of any being implemented. Like a lot of the old regulars, my TR time has diminished. I no longer find it to be as useful or as much fun as it used to be. However, I don't think the PTB really give a schit about that since they seem to have managed to attract many new members and the loss of a few of the older members doesn't seem to bother them overly much.

Dawg ]:)

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Not always over the top, and he often starts the most interesting threads..

by F4A6Pilot In reply to Well Max's comment was a ...
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I disagree

by neilb@uk In reply to The time has come for max ...

His response to Apotheon was a bit OTT but absolutely characteristic of Max. The tone of Apotheon's thread could be read in different ways and I guess that Max read it differently to others.

I'd prefer it if neither of them left the site permanently as I reckon they both have a lot to say that's worth reading.

I quite enjoy being insulted by Max although it hasn't happened for a while. I seem to have survived unscathed (except for this arthritis in my left hand caused by me punching the screen).

If you don't like something - ignore it or fight back. None of this is worth crying over. This is also not a democracy so I reckon that any decision by Max to leave the site and take his 1132 thumbs with him will, I sincerely hope, be his decision alone.

Personally, I hope both of them stick around.

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Neil, I completely agree

by F4A6Pilot In reply to I disagree

Max and Apotheon are both class acts, and neither agrees with me 100 %.

Nor do you and I haven't called for the abolishment of OZ, although a suggested IQ test would have eliminated him and OneAmazing... long before I had gotten tired with them...

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Although I disagree

by Steffi28 In reply to The time has come for max ...

with you reacting to Maxwell's posts by telling him to leave TR I do agree that he is being a bit over the top lately. Like the post you posted and
he's getting into troll realms at the moment.

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Deepsand is an idiot about some things, as we all are.

by F4A6Pilot In reply to Although I disagree

It's the burden of deepsand to provide such definitions. . . . .

Definition of "equal: Deepsand EQUALS an idiot.
Posted: 07/01/2007 @ 06:07 PM (PDT) by Max... (this is an excerpt. )

I often find Sandy defining terms and assuming nobody has as fine an education as he has. I may disagree with him, and I recognize that he has an education, but like almost all trade school grads is a egocentric (and I mean this in the nicest way possible) prick. He wants to win, and would try to redefine the bible with God (whom he doesn't believe in) to win a minor point.

Sandy wants the validation... I think he should run for the Senate...

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This quote rings true with me.

by OnTheRopes In reply to The time has come for max ...

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." -Noam Chomsky

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I don't believe in freedom of expression

by highlander718 In reply to This quote rings true wit ...

Or more precisely I believe in freedom of DECENT expression. I know it might get tough if we start debating what is "decent" (for me quoting Chomsky is totaly undecent for example :-))))), but if freedom of expression means freedom to express oneself by lying, by being vulgar, verbaly brutal, or express oneself by simply slapping others .... thanks, but I don't need freedom like that.

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Re-read the above quote and disregard who said it

by OnTheRopes In reply to I don't believe in freedo ...

and you may see my true feelings shine through.<br><br>
I still agree with the thought behind it. Here's another quote below. I'll keep quoting quotes until I find someone you approve of if necessary.<br><br>

"Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so, too." -Voltaire <br><br>
I read others as ALL others and no I don't believe that this quote bars the harshest criticism from someone else. In fact, I think it requires that people express themselves and if vulgarity and verbal brutality are the only way someone can do that, so be it. <br><br>It's not <b>physical</b> harm even though I <b>do</b> know that words can kill people as surely as putting a gun to their head. Trust me, I know that's true.

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by highlander718 In reply to Re-read the above quote a ...

The only problem in your exposee is that "expression" means action in some cases. It is definitely not only about words.
And no, I do not agree with : " if vulgarity and verbal brutality are the only way someone can do that, so be it." You mean you don't mind if someone curses you in your face just because it's the only way he/she can do it ?

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